Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Sow's Ear

 Here's an artistic view of the community garden at the chalkface.
I lovingly call it, a sow's ear.
A facsimile Sow's Ear*, somewhere else in the world.
As promised, here's an update on the community garden*. Anyone who has worked in a variety of chalkfaces knows that most co-curricula projects such as community gardens are bit sow's earrish, due to budget constraints, the ongoing need for volunteer labour and other factors that seem to constantly impede progress.
It can be a bit of a circus, only to receive this at the end!
Frankly, I think anyone who volunteers to help such projects , deserves a medal. And, the same goes for those who can make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.
I have two such helpers, who this year, in 2012, have
gotten the chalkface's green patch off the ground.
A worker made me this promotional package back in the day. I love it.
I still have it, because, I-am-a-hoarder.

For those who care to look, or not living in the Antipodes, that bizarre looking metal thing is actually a washing line!
A Hills Hoist, an Aussie icon.

Sage, delicious.
As we speak, we have fruit.
The marigolds have been great little companions, keeping away bugs.
Early corn planting.
One helper, lovely L, even apologised early one morning for 'just turning up, to work in the garden!'
She hoped I wouldn't mind.
No apology needed.
The other was otherwise busy once and sent her husband in to help.
What's not to love.
The garden gladdens my heart.
Have you put the Embroiderers' Guild Exhibition into your diary?

Monday, 28 May 2012

Follow-up and Giddy-up

Here's a shot of the 70s ensemble I put together for the 'do on Saturday night. It was actually a bit intense, with peops asking, 'who I was?', when in fact, I'd just styled together some favourites from the armoire.
There were some serious impersonations going on.
But thankfully, I didn't have to trot anything back to the Hire Shop on Monday morning.
I don't want anyone to think I am one of these people who go on about lots of frippery, but never actually get much done. So, apart from being absentia from the Embroiderers' Guild (whose lovely member's work is above),
I've achieved quite a bit.
I've swung into action and had a Flora swing tag designed. Here's a look at the draft impression.
It's designed by a clever young thing, who made it a one-of-a-kind floral overlay artwork.
I love it!

The Embroiderers' Guild sure has been under pressure of late, they are holding their biennial exhibition from this Saturday.
Get in there, it'll be lovely, as always.
Here's what they say about it,
Our Biennial Needlework Exhibition
149 Brunswick Street
Fortitude Valley, Brisbane
Saturday 2nd June 2012 until & including Saturday 9th June 2012Monday to Friday open 9.30am, closing 3.30pm. Last admission 2.30pm
Saturday & Sunday open 9.30am, closing 4.00pm. Last admission 3.30pm
Entry fee $7 includes Catalogue
Gift Shop
Light refreshments available
Members will exhibit an extensive variety of techniques and creativity in 12
categories including Young Embroiderers and a Retrospective of members
cherished Embroidered Treasures
The upstairs display area will feature a Treasure Trove of beautifully
embroidered and embellished Heritage Items selected by our Curators from
“The Joan Selnes Collection”
Contacts: Kate Sinkinson (07) 3202 5484 Email: info@embroiderersguildqld.org.au
Jenny Jorgensen (07) 3390 5839 Web: www.embroiderersguildqld.org.au

Remember my striking efforts? Here's the succulent garden, in all its struck glory!
I planted the miniatures on Sunday, the whole project's cost me nothing.
I found an old terracotta dish in the shed, sprayed shabby chic white and threw in a bit of dirt.
I've also actioned a day at the Races in Brisbane, at Doomben!
So, everyone will be able to trot out their Floras, and get a bit of show pony action.
Before Doomben, one of these Flora's is off to the Caloundra Cup, on the Sunshine Coast.

I'm going to make a Flora to style this felted jockey style cap, since it's our Winter Racing Carnival.

I've also found this 80s style collar necklace to bling up my suit with.
Don't panic L, I'm not going to wear it over the Akira, it's just hanging there.
Akira, if you are reading, please take note as above, and remember you still haven't replied to the email
I sent you about our artistic collaboration!
The collar cost next to nothing, it's a lot of bling for your buck.
It was bought to take my mind off this:
Josh Goot's digital rose print frock, skirt and jacket.

The ultimate in Flora fashion.

Hopefully, this will be what our day at the Races might include!
I've had to action some tough love with the animal residents in the House of Flora. I've sent the french bull-dog's psychiatric profile to a dog whisperer.
I tried some years ago with the poodle, and got ignored.
This time my plea for help might be recognised.
The frenchie is a little socially inept, quite boisterous and has no sense of personal space, even in doggie degrees.
 I've contacted Dr Harry, asap!
I'm also on the cat's case.
Is it possible for a cat to look like this?
 If indeed, you've fed it two half cups of this, each day for six years?
It just doesn't make sense.
If you are reading this post, and are feeding this cat, please stop!

Do you watch SBS news? That situation in Syria makes me nothing but sad, and today's massacre in Houla leaves me speechless. I never really understood people who say, 'Oh, I don't watch the news, it's too awful'. Yes, it is, but I think you have to be aware of what is going on.
Whenever I listen to the atrocities being committed in Syria, I also think of the terrible loss of foreign correspondent Marie Colvin last February. To be honest, some years ago, I was first drawn to her because of her sharp fashion sense and eye-patch, and then I learned of what she did.
The mother of journalist Marie Colvin, who died in a rocket attack in Syria, said her daughter was on the verge of leaving the city because it was so dangerous.
Rosemarie Colvin described her daughter as passionate about her work, even when it got extremely hard. The 55-year-old Sunday Times reporter died alongside French photographer Remi Ochlik, 28, in a rocket attack on the besieged city of Homs. Speaking from her home in East Norwich, New York, Mrs Colvin said: 'She was supposed to leave (Syria),' adding that her daughter had spoken yesterday with her editor at the Sunday Times who ordered her to leave because it was so dangerous. Mrs Colvin said: 'She had to stay. She wanted to finish one more story.'The award-winning journalist was the eldest of five children and is survived by her mother, two sisters and two brothers.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2104711/Marie-Colvin-Sunday-Times-reporter-leave-Syria-day-died-says-mother.html#ixzz1w9kW3oxY

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Ahead of Myself

 Here's my old friend's Flora, high in the sky.
It's a beautiful day in Brisbane. I've had time to do a quick shoot to celebrate the beautiful blue skies we've been experiencing of late. There's a high pressure system about.
I did the housework last night, so today I have a little bit of time.
I'm sort of ahead of myself.
I hope no-one from the Embroiderers' Guild is reading.
I'm meant to be in there, on Brunswick Street, churning out bullion roses like there's no tomorrow.
Instead, I'm outside doing photographic frippery.

Here's the roses, I bought for her birthday party tonight.
Can anyone tell one of the workers told me about editing with Piccasa,
and it's a novelty for me?
Here's a blue Flora on a blue sky.

 Have a lovely Saturday.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Up to Scratch

Things are finally up-to-scratch after the Hat Salon. Thanks to my niece. I sent her a text message today. 'Are you cleaning today?' She replied, 'No, its nt schdled bt cn hlp u anywy'.
Thank you, clearly I have trained her well.
The poodle lamp is back in situ.
The real orchids of the Hat Salon and their fake friends are finally back outside, enjoying the rain's mist.
Cushion are plumped. Surfaces are dusted.
The cushion on the left (above) is a gift from my sister-in-law, its the most beautiful Charles Rennie McIntosh design.
How good is it?
She can cross-stitch like there's no tomorrow.
Sadly the craft room still leaves a lot to be desired.
It's a moment, frozen in time.
I'll never get on top of it.
On a positive note, there's been a bit of refashioning frippery going on!
The armoire's been fixed!
Remember this?
The armoire now comes with a strict warning from Mr Fascinata, not to overload it.
We've used a piece of bamboo from the back garden to fashion the rod.

The hardware was closed, so we looked around and re-purposed.
Mr Fascinata is stressed it might break.
Clearly he hasn't seen this.

I've also refashioned my Salvos thrift store $6 necklace, the Lanvin special.
I am not unhappy with it.
A $6 Lanvin-esque top also came from the same store. Here's my shoulder and trim, against the necklace.
I took its drama into the chalkface, no-one needs to encourage me.

I always like to maximise my niece's visit. It's highly recommended in the training manual.
I got her modelling a bit of the Orchid Society.
She'd just done two hours vacuuming and steam mopping, but she rose to the occasion.

How lovely.
These poupees are heading down to Upittee Boutique at Wilston, Brisbane.
For Sale.
We are in the middle of the Brisbane Winter Racing Carnival.
Not too sure about the gambling issue, but all good with dressing up with a bit of frippery!
What are you up to for the weekend?

We are off to a 70s themed party!
You wouldn't believe it, I ran in to a lovely old friend, I hadn't seen for years.
Good timing, she invited me to a party this weekend! Nice.
I am going to reincarnate a bit of Ossie Clark!
I had to hide the dress-up stipulation on the invite from Mr Fascinata, till it was too late.
Here's me, paying homage to Ossie, in front of the bamboo, accessorised with a French bulldog.
Mr Fascinata's wearing this 70s inspired shirt we bought in Barcelona, needless to say, the necklace is mine.
How nice is it? I bought it at Upittee Boutique.
I made my old friend this lovely fascinator.
Hope she likes it!
Happy Weekend, good people.