Monday, 15 June 2015

I am in Print, People.

 I love Art Quill Studio's blog.
It has became a veritable oasis of knowledge for me; augmenting
the textile theory lessons at the chalkface.
Marie-Therese, an academic posts most Saturdays, early, and I
always seemed to read her posts when my spirits are flagging a little at the end of the
working week. I confess to being a textile tragic, as she does.
Marie-Therese is also a co-editor at Textile Fibre Forum magazine.
One day I hope to meet her.
She found me via the enthusiastic comments I would leave on her blog.
I meant every word.
She invited me to be in an edition of Textile Fibre Forum.
My friend J, came over and shot the high-resolution photos.
That was the day the light-box bath-tub got the flick.

My article is a nod to fashioning fleurs from thermoplastic fabrics.
I am a cover-girl, well, just inside it anyway.
I would be lying to say I am not chuffed.

Thank you, Textile Fibre Forum, it is an absolute thrill to be in the magazine.
I will be getting a subscription.