Sunday 31 January 2016

Hats Off!

 In June 2015 I packed myself up to join Hats Off to Brisbane run by the
I signed up for workshops that taught a hat-making technique without
a block and lots of flower-making.
It was wonderful.
As far as I know the next convention is 2017 in Adelaide.
All the big names in millinery will be there.
They were in Brisbane, too.
I have showcased just a few here.
The convention is quite serious business; there's no licking of thread, aprons must be worn, and
only a heathen doesn't use a thimble.
Don't even start me about your posture.
Sit up straight and don't wave you arms around while you are hand-sewing.
Elbows must be tucked in neatly.
Work on your aproned lap, cradling that creation with light hands.
Any heavy handiness might get you thrown out of the class.
You have been warned.
The venue was the Tafe at Mt Gravatt.
Compared to the chalkface I am well acclimatised to, it seemed
flash and well-appointed.

I had a cursory glance at the industrial sewing machines in one room.
They still made me break out in a cold sweat as I remembered wrestling
with the overly-sensitive accelerator pedal in Design for Clothes 101 back in1986.
If you've mastered those things, you've got my vote.
I didn't travel as organised as this black and yellow trolley, preferring to
pack my things in eco-bags and boxes.
Not ideal. I will know better next time.
The class requirement lists were pretty long and specific.
And, to be honest, they caught me a bit unawares.
Here's some of the materials to collect prior.


Anyhow, here are the fruits of my labour in part and a bit of process.
Serena Lindeman's raffia flower classes.

Brenda Wilson feather flowers.

Neil Grigg's top hat without a block.

                       Catherine Kelly from Embellish Hats showed us a 'language of flowers'.

 I really enjoyed the week and have since put the skills learnt to good use.

Keep dreaming and working.
It is good for you.

Tuesday 26 January 2016


 Good People, I am back.
I know, I am as surprised as you are,
I am nothing if not unpredictable.
I would be lying if I said I haven't enjoyed the break.
But this hiatus has placed me in a bit of a dilemma.
I have a lot to report back on.
So in truest of form I am going backwards detailing the last six months or
so of frippery. Click away if you are going to irked.
You've been warned.
I do enjoy the reliving the past.

I have still been avidly fashioning frippery.
I have been part of Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival in Brisbane again.
Included with a little fashion shoot in the promotional magazine.
From there I did a week of millinery tuition with the Millinery Convention.
Concluded with a masquerade ball, dubbed Imaginarium.


It was all a bit fabulous.
Between popping off to Holland, Belgium and Paris in September.
Here's my first glimpse of Paris from the Taxi after getting off the
Thalys train from Brussels. 
And, a Paris bus-stop poster.

I had time for a few more morning-teas because part of my 2015 work-life balance
was more Atelier Flora work for sale at The Hat Box.
I was in-charge of my own tea and lunch-breaks.

The fridge was never far away.
 I have eaten my way through Marche du Macaron's range of confections.

 Be careful what you wish for because I've ended up with a macaron shop at
the end of my street.
I am not complaining.
Here it is:

Stay tuned, keep your eyes open, there's more to follow.