Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Purplish Hue

I have fashioned this fleur with a little beaded lace and gentle dyed hue.
And popped it on a blocked lace base.
Apart from this, things have been quiet.
Except for crunching the workers' data.
A-B-C-D-E and so on.
It's end of term break very soon.
Expect a bit of extra special frippery soon.
I am holding court at The Hat Box this Saturday and will update you
with some of the most beautiful Spring headpieces.
I can hardly resist this Hatmaker stunner.
You know how much I love any colour, as long as it's black.

 Drop by.
There's lots of unique loveliness.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Not all Glamour

If you are sick to death of large fleurs, click away now.
This post is full of it.
 But, before you think my life is one filled with fashioning frippery, remember
that in the middle of a sunny Queensland day; I am out and about
supervising all sorts of chalkface action.
Not listed in the job description.
I have spent most of my life avoiding the sun.
And here I am decked out; slip, slop and slap the sunscreen.
Supervising Ultimate Disc (no, not Frisbee).
It must be called a 'disc'.
During my weekly Sports activity.

This week I have spent most of my other bits of the life-pie fashioning fleurs.

Yellow, peacock blue, purple, red and pink.
Now in The Hat Box.


 This red one is my favourite.
 Can you tell?

 What are you up to?
Is there anything in your job that you didn't see in the fine-print?
Tell me.
I won't tell anyone.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Spring Baking

 Am I the only one who has never heard of 'rainbow roses?'
Tell me, please.
 I spied these beauties at The Grounds in Alexandria, Sydney.
Frankly, I fell in love.
There's a fair bit of frippery involved in making these. Google told
me that you have to split the stems; three ways; and pop the stems in dyes.
Well, I never.

How's your Spring going?
I had a lovely weekend, fashioning fleurs.
Boring the Dog of the Year witless.
Who subsequently had to spend hours staring at the flooring.
Hoping it would open up and a side of beef might appear.
While I dyed.
Yellow and purple.

 Trimmed and sized.
Dried and shaped.

 I did a bit of Spring baking.
Shaping and drying those thermoplastic petals.
Keeping a certain eye on the oven timer and temperature.


How's your spare time?
If you have got it, pop into to the Brisbane Arcade and check out the boutiques, including
The Hat Box's Spring collection.
Window shop.
 There's some pretty fleurs around.
It's not quite Paris, but it is all we've got.
And, it's lovely.