Thursday, 18 December 2014

Roses and Lexy on Green

 It's been lovely around here.
I've had time to fashion this lovely rose headpiece inspired by my new art acquisition.
A pastel print on canvas by artist Julie Hyndman.


 I've used my lip brush to execute 30 minute lips and
sped down to Stewart MacFarlane's Pop-Up Show on the weekend.
If you have been paying attention, you will remember that
Stewart is a well-known Australian artist who launched his book with Flora in the audience.
 If you are okay with the nude in Art, you will appreciate Lexy.
Lexy on Green (2014)
Here's Lexy being walked home from point-of-purchase.

I've also been to Roma Street Parklands
In the Brisbane city precinct.

There's a fair bit on offer.
A picnic would top it off.
Topiary national emblems.
A sort of Christmas tree made of marigolds.
Lots of lovely flower beds.
A waterfall.
I'm on holidays from the day-job.
So I had time to notice the small stuff.
The tonal gradation on this bloom really got me.

 I've also noticed that Mui Mui are incorporating a granny-square bodice.
Who would have thought?
I've started drawing the festive window decorations for a little French restaurant.
 I've got six large sheets of paper drawn with dogs with a bunting that says,
Season's Greetings.

How are your Season's Greetings going?
My gift is under the tree, and Mr Fascinata has just remarked that his isn't.
I better get cracking.

I'll get back to you when the windows are covered. 

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Kindness and a Beautiful Face

 I've had all sorts of things on.
I've had incoming correspondence for my Birthday.
That poodle card and its permutations has been addressed to me many times over.
I would be lying if I said I didn't love it.
Can't imagine why.
You might want to click away now if you are looking for what drew you
to me in the first place.
It's hardly here for the minute.
No fashioning floras, no time for such frippery.

 Sorry, people. I will resume normal transmission soon.
I've been to Cartier's festive soiree.
I'm telling you. Buy your ring there. You get a conscious-free diamond
and a life-time string of invites back for free nights out.

It is a treat. Just remember to behave.
 Cartier's little floral Christmas trees were lovely.

 I wore the aforementioned scarf around my tonsure.
I am determined to smash the cost per wear equation.

 Mr Fascinata has put up a semblance of Christmas spirit on the front patio.
 We've had a couple of al fresco'ish nibbles.

The tree's up.
 I've eaten through numerous cakes, cheese and other while
doing copious amounts of chalkface paperwork.
 We've taken the Frenchie to his Christmas get together.
Courtesy of the Queensland French Bulldog Club.
In the words of Oscar Wild, 'It's the only club that Mr Fascinata will be a part of that accepts him'.
 I've frocked up with feathers and a cocktail headpiece for a Birthday 'do.

 But, the most pressing news is the 'completely hand-sewn six years
in the making' Victorian era patchwork bed cover is almost complete!
Thank you to the chalkface's Teacher Aide, S.
S has the most beautiful face in the world.
Because she is so kind.

 Look at it!
I could hardly believe my eyes when she brought it back after a weekend.
In one whole piece!

 It is no longer many little hexagons.

 Here's the workers toiling away back in the olden days.
We are so thrilled to have it nearly finished.
We are grateful for.
Stay excited.