Thursday, 30 January 2014

Only the Fabulous need Apply

 It's been a lovely week and I am back at the chalkface.
I've had all sorts of conversations about the holidays and my new haircut.
Thank you for noticing.
I am also chuffed that the talented MW, has signed up for a dose of Flora!
Welcome MW!
Do you remember the bathroom/walk-in wardrobe renovation?
Well, this week I have been auditioning frocks for the new 'robe it has become.
Only the fabulous need apply.
Feathers, sequins and beading.
Call me harsh.
I have banished anything pilled, puckered and thread-bare.
Usually of black polyester.
Worn with alarming frequency during the daily grind.
 Items without fabulosity are denied entry.
I have become a fabulist.
Mr Fascinata can't see his way clear to my way of thinking.
But, frankly I don't want those items exhibited inside.
They can stay secreted away, elsewhere.
I'll be happy to root through a couple of baskets to find them.

I'm looking forward to being astounded by more unbridled creativity
and enthusiasm in 2014.
Typified by the teddy bear sushi you'll see in a second.
Executed under exam conditions in 2013.
By a Junior.
And these little make do and mend collars and cuff accessories, as below.
I know. I am as impressed as you are.
 I can't wait to see wait they come up with next.
 In less important news, it's probably a good thing I am now gainfully employed again.
 I've put a stop to painting feathers like Karl did for his latest Chanel collection paraded in Dallas.

These pigeon feathers are getting the treatment
next holidays.
But for now, the studio's closed.

Restaurant in your own Home is still going swimmingly.
In further belt tightening I hacked off three or four leaves
and popped them in a vase of water, to save on flower costs.
I highly recommend this strategy,
and who knows the greens might even strike roots and then you have a house plant.
Mind you, I have to confess, A came over for lunch and brought me a bunch of flowers!
Wishful thinking worked.
I've given the chalkface workers a familiarisation tour of the classroom kitchen with Apple Pie.
First practical of the term.
The results speak for themselves.

Stay delicious.
If not, fabulous.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Bien dans sa peau*. Leopard.

 I am not young. I have just finished reading:
 Well, apparently they do. They are in-between Britain and America's statistics.
Anyway, I didn't miss the point.
It's an arsenal of anti-ageing tips.
Frankly, Mireille is a little strict.
I furtively checked the index and she leaves leopard print alone, but a few other things get a pizzling.
She sits on the fence with Botox.
She declares hair and shoes the key to your identity.
And attitude about ageing.
 She doesn't take a hard line on tattoos.
I guess she knows these days only the rebels don't have one.
I wonder what she would think about these platforms...?
Anti-ageing frippery aside, I am also currently obsessed with these animals,
Bengal cats.
I've looked a website just north of here, that strictly advises viewers
not to purchase a Bengal cat, 'If they just want a designer looking accessory'.
Where's the fun?
During the process of making my latest Flora-one-of-a-Kind,
I spotted such a feline languishing on a footpath in our neighbourhood.
I didn't have my camera, but I swear this image above is its doppelganger.
Mr Fascinata conceded it was a 'sign'.
Leopard print is truly acceptable.
An all round favourite.


 Here's the fashioning of the huge leopard fleur.

French Women Don't get Facelifts is about reassessing high heels.
As Mireille suggests I do.
So your toppling about doesn't draw attention?
You are not meant to dye your hair too bright, either.
 Mireille is also strict about bright nail polish...because
you don't want to draw attention to aged bits and pieces.
I won't be giving up purple, green or black satin any time soon.
How's your post-Christmas expenditure going?
We are focusing on Restaurants in Our Own Home.
Evidenced by this lavishness.
For next to nothing.
If you've got an Indian Supermarket near you, it's worth a visit.
Here's Mr Fascinata's mis en place.
Which frankly, gladdens my heart.
 Those chops were lightly battered in fragrant mix of cardamom and other spices.
You just have to poach the chops first.
The recipe's from Rick Stein's India series.
Get on board his odyssey.

 We live with a couple of French canine breeds.
If you are interested in getting the French bulldog variety, be warned it can be an intensive and possessive relationship.
The breed is an expert in supervising.
 And, totally food obsessed.
Like, how our French counterparts say we should be.
Only, you don't really eat.
Can't say I'll be trying the Leek Detox in Mireille's book.
Has anyone?
Stay comfortable in your own (leopard) skin*.
I'm doing lots of walking, looking for my inner coquette, and looking forward to returning
to the chalkface.
And I've got my next meal in the oven.
Life's good.
 No Leek Detox here.