Monday, 28 October 2013

Heart Conniptions

 To be honest, arranging those hearts on some sort of
invisible millinery wire and positioning them to the right of the tonsure
proved difficult.
 There was all sorts of frippery going on.
 Without resolve.
 I then embarked on a different bent.
A big lace flora.
Which I must say, I quite like.
 It's very light and sits nicely.

 We've started the House of Flora home improvements.
Involving a black and white awning, just outside my new atelier.
In most flattering news, one of the tradespeople walking through
the studio en route to the veranda,  asked Mr Fascinata in earnest, if I worked for Chanel.
 Too many hoarded packagings lying around.

Let them keep guessing, I say.

 Don't forget about the Guild's frippery.
 November 24, from 8am until 12 noon.
 Get planning for Christmas.
Buy gifts.
My tree's out of storage.
Because there's no where to house it now the cupboard's
being demolished to make way for a new bathroom.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Black Lace

If you've been paying attention, you'll know how much
I love working with lace.
Slumping, moulding and stitching it.
I loved the lace masks I saw in Venice.

 And made many permutations of headpieces that some of you might think
would suit Halloween, or any other frippery.
 I won't hear a bad word said.
Lovely house-models J and L, both agree.

 This week I have taken to making a series of sculpted hearts.
Not sure where they are going, but it'll be
vertical, stemming somehow from a larger heart shaped base.
 I'll have to call some engineers.

 Each one is carefully stitched around a piece of heart-shaped covered wire.

I'll keep you posted.

In other news, this pink peony lovely (below left) is off to the Melbourne Cup!
Australia's biggest horse race.
 It's found its forever home through The Hat Box.
 Still wishing I was prattling on about Paris?
Me, too.


Sunday, 20 October 2013

Step by Step and Handmade

 I really enjoyed the workshop at Bright Learning; but had a couple of'
workers who needed a little more time to complete their ideas.

Fascinating frippery can be quite a process and anyone who
is aware of the retail prices for any item hand-made without
the help of mass-production and inequitable
pay conditions is going to cost more.
Setting homework proved difficult because not many peops
have all the haberdashery equipment necessary to
bring the project to fruition.
That's understandable.
 This blocked lace and flower centre belonged to lovely H.
A most patient and enthusiastic worker.
I took H's piece with me, because she had made a lovely start,
and I wanted to treat her and finish with a Flora touch.

 The result is lovely. I can't wait to take it to H.

 Did you do as you were told and pencil in the
Guild's Christmas Craft Fair?
For all things handmade.
It starts at 8am.
Get in early. Remember, you'll have to park up the
road, so save the high heels for sensible shoes.
 Pop a note on your calendar or pin board.
I've re-pinned my board.
Call me old-school, but mine's still cork and pins.
 Here's your map for the Craft Fair if you need it.
 Speaking of sensible shoes.
Here's a Paris purchase.
Pale pink ballerines with gross-grain trim.
Repetto's handmade charm.
I know.

 I tried to ignore them calling out to me every time I walked past the store in the Marais,
and finally bought them on the last day of the trip.
And, I am not sorry. 
Have you bought anything hand-made, lately?
In exciting news, I have bumped in the Flora's new atelier.
Thank you for your kinds words to spur me on.
The job is complete, apart from a new door to separate
my mess of fibres and snippets of fabric from the outside world.