Saturday, 28 March 2015

Find your Tribe: The Hat Box

I left the dog-of-the-year at home and quietly slipped out to a special event this week.
The Hat Box's Winter Launch.
With all its finery: wool felt, silk and feathers.
Headpieces and hats.
 I can honestly never say I have been disappointed by a Hat Box 'do.
This week's Winter Launch was no exception.
Held at the The Emporium Hotel's cocktail bar.
It was truly lovely.
Here's Dale, The Hat Box's proprietor and doyenne of millinery style,  looking the goods in white lace.
 If The Hat Box was a club; I would be happy to be a member.
 I have found my tribe.

 Rich, poor, married, single, children, no-children, workers in-the-home or other.
Young, old, short or tall.
Don't under-estimate any of us.
You must differentiate.
The are no hollow stereotypes here.
 And, we are are somewhat fierce looking.
Yet, very kind.
 And, that's the way I like it.
 We enjoyed at bit of this. 
 A bit of that.

Popped on all sorts of frippery.
 Watched the Show.
Thirty pieces worn by the loveliest models.
Who brought their personalities on to the catwalk showcasing
feathered and felt finery.
 I was chuffed to see my Chanel inspired fleur, lace and coque feathered headpiece out for a viewing.
The promptly purchased by a kindred spirit.
Thank you, Lovely.
The piece came up a treat; even if I must say so myself.

Stunning orange blocked felt with sculpted feathers.
Don't even start me on the green boater.
 I gilded the lily and wore an embroidered lace number.
My old black sling-backs from a decade ago.
I know, shop in your own wardrobe is good advice.
A matched Flora carnation trimmed headband.
 I might need to be stopped from buying this pink felt top hat, as below.
What are we thinking?

 Stay enthused and kind to your tribe.
It's nice.
I am gearing up for a bit of time away from the chalkface.
Holidays, hooray for Easter!
What have you got planned?

Sunday, 15 March 2015

All Sorts of Things

 I know stress is fashionable.
But, people I have been b-u-s-y.
There's been all sorts of things going on here.
Hottest weather for February in seven years.
I've had a little Hat Salon in my own home.
Thank you to all those who attended and supported Flora's Frippery.
You know who you are, and I love you.

 We had a lovely time, taking tea and eating sweets.
R's lovely gift to me of a hydrangea flower ball was burnt crisped within two days,
due to the aforementioned heat,
but thankfully the blooms still look lovely.
 I am keeping the fleurs a little longer, because hoarding is at my very core, people.
I've insourced as Mimi puts it and cooked up an expensive Italian late-lunch.
Last weekend.
I sent Mr Fascinata a bill for $440.
Whipped up that gorgeous tomato, basil and bocconcini salad.
Spaghetti and meatballs.
 Started an all-gold-Midas-touch head-piece.
More on that later.
A old gold Prosecco bottle was my muse.
 Lounged around a bit.
 Backed the car down the drive-way at 5.30am to get everything
done for the chalkface's belated International Women's Day lunch.
I am nothing if I don't like a little irony.
Catered for the lunch with the help from the little workers.
And bought the guest speaker a rose bouquet.
 Begun sourcing Easter chocolate.
Rested on the laurels of Chanel and Cartier's hospitality.
 Nearly run off the road when I discovered the old shop around the corner
has been transformed to this!
Marche du Macaron!
Sacre bleu!
Feel free to visit me!
You know what I will be serving!
 Trotted off to Cartier's opening after all.

The invite appeared in the Inbox at late-notice.
Thank you, Maison Cartier.
 I re-purposed a diamante brooch into a headpiece a s a nod to Cartier's diamonds.
And took my International Women's Day gift from Mr Fascinata.
My new Marcello de Cartier handbag, in the iconic red colour.

We sat at the the Love table.

 The whole evening was bathed in Cartier red light.
 The iconic panther.

 Tried on a panther satin, leather and diamond cuff.
Why not.

Worth nearly half-a-house.
What are you up to?
Are you getting paid enough?
Let me know.