Sunday, 29 December 2013

Make up your Mind: Swan and Eggs.

It's holiday time and I've got time to wax lyrical about a swan head tap.
Admire the new bathroom.
And, stencil feathers with glitter.
 But, don't think I haven't been running around like a
navvy*  like the rest of you.
I've been responsible for all sorts of feeding frenzies.
So busy, that only before photos were taken.
These prawns were ready for quick deep fry and there's a
basil leaf hiding inside.
Get them golden brown, but do a risk assessment first.


 The House of Flora's swan's head plumbing represents something great for me.
I've have been haunted by its image of water spewing from that silvery
bill, since I don't know when.
It's now the objet d'art on the bathroom's north-east wall.
With not a towel rail to be seen near it.
Thanks to a last minute shout out from the plumber, who said, 'Nah, you don't want any towels
hanging near that'.
I have had a love affair with that long-necked avian for some two decades.
My mind was fixated.
That swan's finally mine.

 The details of the bathroom fit-out are as follows.
Any colour as long as its black or white.
Henry Ford would have agreed.
Keep it simple.
 You don't need to agonise over catalogues.
Frankly, in recent years I have noticed an alarming trend.
The inability to make up your mind.
Or, being bogged down with indecision?
Is too much choice a bad thing?
Don't over-analyse the constraints.
Stick to a plan.
You've been told.
The tree's an exception, there's a bit of colour in the movement.
 Obviously, my sister T, has sat up and taken notice this Christmas.
With a  nod to, "Some people will never get well".
She's crafted up, alongside with my niece C, these embellished
hollowed chicken eggs.
I know. Beautiful.
Pearls, seed pearls, ribbons and metallic paints.
Each takes days to make...
She gets my vote again for the best gift this Season.
I ranked Mr Fascinata's Chanel box second, just to keep
him on his toes.

Stay well-rested.
Don't forget your fruit.
 *A labourer obliged to do menial work.


Thursday, 26 December 2013

The Hat Box Effect

 If you are feeling like this, and over festive frippery.
Then, don't click away.
This post won't shame you into feeling bad about what you
haven't done, said you'd do, or have done.
Think of it as a respite.
A break, far from the maddening crowd.
A calming oasis away from the trolley full of groceries for New Year's Eve, or the outlaws' appetites,
and that burgeoning rubbish bin.
 Forget those glitter covered elks.
  And that crazy Christmas crafting for the minute.

Float away.
 Spend some time with me in The Hat Box.
A jewel filled bijoux.
Right in the heart of one of Brisbane's oldest shopping arcades.
The Brisbane Arcade.
Old school charm.
 The pace can be somewhat sedate for me during this retail duty.
Very different to the chalkface's.
You see, no-one came in and reported that their bag was lost.
Or, their zipper was broken.
Nor torn.
Nor sodden.
No-one fell off a bike or skateboard on the way to see me, to
ask for a Band-Aid and a kind word.
No-one forgot their lunch money.
No-one said they felt sick.
There are many stories, though in its walls.
From ten or so lovely milliners.

 Each piece is hand stitched and a one -of- a- kind in the world.

Weddings, parties or the upcoming Magic Millions Race Day.
This is your oyster.

I am mad for this one's pixelated focal point.
As below, made by Philip Rhodes.
Get in and buy it, if it your thing.
If you've been paying attention, you can see three Floras in the shot below.

The Hat Box sets its own pace.
There's coffee,
Morning tea and lunch.
But, no bells to remind you to get back to work.
While on duty I started this outrageous fortune of greyish green satin flora.
Set on a pearl-beaded 1920s style cap.
I'll show you more later.
Make sure you keep doing your exercises.
It's the Season.

And, enjoy your holidays.
I'll resume back to festive frippery, later.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Chanel Packaging: Short Shrift

 If you've been paying attention, you'll notice an inordinate amount
of hoarded Chanel packaging, lying nonchalantly around the House of Flora.
I will confess, it is mostly cosmetics.
Funded by Mr Fascinata.
Under strict instruction: birthday and Christmas, thank you.
I am too old for surprises.
At point of purchase he demands double lengths of ribbon.
And two bags if he can get away with it.
My Chanel treatment at point of purchase usually includes, the staff at
David Jones saying they can't find the ribbon, the bags, nor the white CC paper.
I know.
The short shrift.
I've since put that point-of-sale frippery to good use.
I've fashioned a 2013 Christmas garland.
Here's the instructions:
Walk this way.
You need some help from nature.
 Stay alert.

 I like heading towards the city peoples' garden.
Northey Street City Farm.

 Near Breakfast Creek.
Pull up a chair.
Check the crab pots.
But, stay on task.

 Forage around. Pick up some lying leaf matter and sticks.
 Throw down a paper placemat and fashion a garland.
Use a bit of soft wire to hold in place.
If you want to you can paint the circle.
Relax, it doesn't need to be perfect.
 Frost over some native gumnuts.
Leaves, too.

 Scratch around and collect whatever you can.

Use a glue gun to hold in place.
Be careful.
 Throw in a few balls.
Glitter, if it's your bent.

 Get crafty this festive season.
Make something out of nothing.