Sunday, 1 December 2013

Mrs B is Very Kind

 If you've been paying attention, you'll remember that I made this
huge camellia the week of the Melbourne Cup and the week the workers made
their apple pies, decorated as strictly enforced.
 I took myself to lunch and received an invite to enter 'Best Millinery'.
As you do.
Now, here's the part about Mrs Simone Bennet or Mrs B; she is in the picture below,
with more frock on than those other lovelies, third from the left.
Mrs Bennet runs a beautiful jewellery boutique, selling precious stones
and plated silver and gold pieces.
Mrs Bennet has shocked me with her kindness.
You see, I did win the competition and my prize was a very generous voucher from
her store. What a treat, I thought until I realised I really didn't need anymore (or any less)
accessorising frippery.
 I decided to contact Mrs B and ask her to re-gift the voucher
to an acquaintance that I knew who, frankly has had a rubbish year
Here's some of Mrs B's stock.
Just for your information.
And your imagination.
 I got a prompt reply from Mrs B, who said she would love to
be of assistance and then went on to say she would give
me an additional voucher for being so kind!
I declined the voucher and have since found out that she has added another
50% of the original voucher to the new recipient's gift!
Frankly, I was astonished.
 If you are a Mrs B type, then this post is for you.
What kindness and generosity you spread. Well done.
Thank you.
I've been all over the traps this weekend.
City Hall on Friday evening.
To watch the Christmas lights get switched on.
Well, sort of.
 I won't lie to you people, I don't have the after photo, because
I ran out of zhu-zhu to stand around waiting, and I swear Lord Mayor Mr Quirk
said the switch would be flicked on at 6.30pm. It didn't happen.
And, the choir singing from 300 metres away, behind throngs of people
was wearing me down.
I hope I am not getting my Christmas Grinch on.

Don't panic.  I've continued setting up festive vignettes.
This $15 Target glitter embellished reindeer leaves everything in its path covered in sparkles.
Including your face.
Be careful if you purchase, you've been warned.
I am going to workshop this eco-dress creation, next blog.
I enjoyed getting a comment from L, saying she was interested in it.
The key to its success is the right fabric choice, from the get-go.
Thank you for noticing, L.


  1. So kind of you to spread the accessory love x

    1. Thank you Cilla, it was generous gift from the outset, that I didn't want to claim. I actually hide my accessories so people won't see how much I have accrued over the years! All heavily reduced in price. :D

  2. Congrats to you for winning the award and for your generosity! No Christmas in this hoise yet. Time to get the tree up x

    1. Housewife, you must shun the Penthouses and a la carte restaurants for a minute and get out the Festive nonsense. x

  3. I love a good RAOK (Random Act of Kindness), and practice many at this time of year. What a good heart you have to think of your friend over yourself. I'm sure it will be returned to you tenfold...x

    1. Mimi! I know you do, I can tell you love them and you are also a 'doer'. x

  4. I heard that the Christmas Tree lighting was a bit of a fizz. I know a few people who actually left because they got sick of waiting around.

  5. Kellie, it was HELLISH. And, for some reason I look like a 'thoroughfare' so everyone kept walking/pushing between me and my friend!! Lol. I bet the lights flicked on the second we turned to leave!!!

  6. That's so kind with the vouchers, so sweet indeed!! I love Christmas lights, shame this went a bit of a downer. My luck they would have come on after I left. The city is nice for lights, but sometimes the people spoil it for me, so I tend to just see them on tv or something. I hope you have a great week ahead doll Xxx

  7. What a sweetheart! The both of you really! We need more people like that in the world. I know the new recipient will enjoy everything. You are the best Flora. HaHa About getting your Christmas Grinch on. I would've left too! That's crazy!

  8. Congrats to you for your generosity!
    Have a good week! and happy new month of december!!!!:)))
    my g+ for your post!!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥