Sunday, 8 December 2013

Recap: Mr Finch (and Festive Foods)

 I met the talented Mr Finch through The Dainty Dolls House blog.
Lovely Kizzy introduced us, and I was instantly smitten.
I would love to buy one of his textile artworks.
One day.
The House Muse turns 104 in dog years  on the December 23, and in his honour
I am revisiting the day I took inspiration from Mr Finch's strange creatures.
And, we'll have a party.
Frankly, I can't believe I have kept something alive for that long.
Remembering now, I don't have children.
Find your pet sleeping.
Trace around it.
Make a silhouette.
Sew along the line. Leave an opening.
Trim. Turn through to the right side.
Fill with fibre fill. Fluff it first to ensure its soft and smooth.
Slipstitch the opening closed.
Make a little tea stained collar or headpiece.

Embroider a nose and eyes.
I call this stitch, a dog-stitch, people.
I may be in the Guild, but I never said I could stitch.
Did I?

In other news, a gardenia plant I have had for three years has finally
yielded: one flower. The rest of the buds appear to be eaten out by ants.
It is hard work living in the Antipodes.
But, don't say I am not making the best of the bloom.
 It's done a shoot with a magnolia I crafted from cream silk a while back.
 And, has appeared in Flora's Christmas wreath.
Have you made yourself one yet?
Things are getting quite festive around here.
Every publication is trotting out 'Red' as the answer for everything.
Mind you. I quite like this number.
It's by Rachel Gilbert, an Australian designer who hails from Sydney.
Here's one of her frocks as below, on one of Flora's house models.
Festive cookery has also started.
Permutations of all sorts of salads and adorned desserts.
Fried things.

Try this coconut cheesecake (use coconut cream, condensed milk and cream cheese) and dip cherries in
chocolate for a merry twist.

 But, make sure you get plenty of rest.


  1. Flora what a lovely idea for our pets .... I think I should do that for Sugar although it may freak her out and she might attack it! I love your gardenia and you are so right ... we in the antipodes must suffer the colonial heat and then go into our air conditioners! I have grown some gardenias but they just don't last and they are so beautiful! Everything is so festive and I am so looking forward to Christmas!

    lots of love
    M.A. the 2nd

    1. It's enough to make us swoon while we are trying to cut our blooms. The heat that is. Sugar would make a sweet pillow cat! Her eyes would be cute to paint. :)

  2. Fried food. Puppy dogs. My favourite things.

    1. Try the prawns. Shell and head off. Dry, wrap a basil leaf around. Fold and wrap into a spring roll wrapper. Dampen edge of wrapper to seal. Let rest in the fridge. Deep fry. Be very careful. Only fry if you haven't had a Champagne. Xx

  3. Awww...that was precious!! Am so glad you loved Mr. Finch as well...I do adore his works, I hope to have one of them myself one day :)) But, did an amazing job creating your dog as one, love that!! SO sweet :))) Love the flowers and that dress, oh my!! Looks perfect with the flora on top of the head too :))) Foooood...always a time for food, haha :))) Yummy!! I hope you have a gorgeous week ahead my dear!! Hugs & loves Xxx

    1. Dear Dainty, Mr Finch is my dream man, but I do have Mr Fascinata. Xx

  4. i love the idea of tracing your pet and making a beautiful pillow as you did. it's gorgeous! did someone say cheesecake? it looks so good Flora. i'm in the christmas spirit and decorating. can't wait for you to see my tree ;)

    1. I can't wait to see your tree! Xxx Try some choc dipped cherries. Make sure the cherries are nice and dry before dipping. Xxx

  5. Oh my lord. How utterly precious! You are the Queen of Clever

    1. Mimi! I'm laughing. It takes one to know one. X

  6. Food looks fabulous. Sadly, if I were to craft a poodle, I doubt it would survive the lust of my Dudley!!! Am waiting for the tutorial for your wreath- or did I miss this?