Thursday, 12 December 2013

10 Good Men + a Sow's Ear

 If you think I'm just about setting up vignettes to take on the Iphone.

 Fashioning floral frippery.
 Or, crafting poodles.
Think again.
You've been warned.
 I've done the hard yards this week.
Painting rooftop finials.
Was the least of it.
Don't be alarmed they weren't up there against that foreboding sky when I tarred them with
enamel paint, and of course, then worked out
I was sans turpentine.
Why? Oh, why.

 It's a nice finishing touch.
I've also weeded and mulched the chalkface's Sow's Ear.
With the workers.
Just in time for the weeds to grow, over the summer break,
which starts tomorrow.
At least I'll know I'm leaving it in good order.
I had the help of J, too.

A senior worker at the chalkface who fits the bill of a typical government school business plan nicely.
She does the job of ten good men on a mediocre day.
It seems that the upper echelons of essential government services 
manage most personnel this way.
Schools, hospitals and the like.
I've noticed a trend.
J looks after the grounds on the campus.
The grounds includes a dry-forest, real rainforest and a myriad of
exotic filled garden beds that are constantly riddled with weeds.
And, in her own time, she's helped with the Sow's Ear or our chalkface
Green Patch.



The vegetable and herb garden isn't something she is meant to do.
She's got enough on her plate. I understand.
In my ideal world, there would be a literacy, numeracy and Sow's Ear audit.
Key question: Can you grow your own greens?
A kitchen garden would be compulsory participation.
Wouldn't it be lovely?

Have you got 10 Good Men in your life?
Well, you're lucky.


  1. I am mad for herb gardens but I am an inveterate plant killer.
    I killed a terrarium. Killed it stone dead. That takes special plant killing powers.

    1. I agree, it can be tricky. It does take time and a bit of savvy for most. Although I have had freakish garden plants growing through sheer neglect, like the 1metre tall continental parsley tree I grew in 2010. It grew like a shrub and I could cut bunches off it, must've been like the ones crop farmers grow. Xx

  2. Flora, you can do MANY things my friend! HaHaHa How gifted are you! When it comes to the outdoors, I suck. LOL You go girl!

    1. Kim, you sweet thing. Me and an army of others. Xx

  3. Well done you...looks like a hard task, but you did it. I like the idea for the garden as well, that's going to look garden is a state, haha. I'll need to get out there come spring and get it all sorted out again. I hope it all goes well doll! Have a super weekend! Xx