Saturday, 14 December 2013

Fancy Feet

I've waited twenty years for these fancy feet; a total of four
in the new bathroom, two pictured as above.
 My old atelier, if you've been paying attention.
 Here's the bathroom work in progress.
You can agonise over colour all you like.
But frankly, I can't move on from black and white.
That renovation could be the most grown-up thing I have ever done.
Apart, from marrying Mr Fascinata.
Since I am now old enough to 'know better'.
And under this influence, I went down to Jimmy's Tattoo and got inked, too.
I know, I am as shocked as you are!
Maybe, I'll regret it.
I'll look forward to you letting me know.
Here's the little camellia under mesh hosiery.
I'll do a full reveal soon.
I would recommend Jimmy from Jimmy's Tattoo.
He listens to you. He's flexible. He'll do a goblin ripping
your arm's bicep muscle apart, or a Chanel camellia.
Your call.
He is very polite.
Vogue Australia is lovely this month. But, frankly it irks me that they are
going on about being the first issue for 2014!
I haven't had time to digest December's frippery yet.
Anyone agree?
 Any plans for lying around on banana lounges?
As Vogue suggests?
What are your holiday plans?
 I'm popping in to The Hat Box this week to man the show.
Wednesday and Thursday.
In the Brisbane Arcade.
Drop in if you need some lovely tonsure elegance.
In sad news, we farewelled my chalkface teacher aide yesterday.
I will miss K.
She can read minds and make good of any garbled note I leave her.
A handful of watermelons makes perfect sense.
She accepts text messages with last minute notes, and has a no-nonsense approach.
She stops at nothing. At her own farewell she made a video for each guest, detailing
what she loves best about them. I know.
She's revisited Auslan this year (she learnt signed English a little at school) and recently contacted via Facebook an
old friend (who is Deaf), I asked if she messaged her, she said back casually, 'Yes, I made a video of me
talking (in Auslan) and sent it. Took me a while, but I did it.'
I asked what her friend thought, she said, 'she cried'.
We will miss you, K.
 And your handiwork.




  1. Wooo Hooo! Flora, you've got sexy legs. You go girl! I think your tattoo looks CLASSY. It looks really good. I LOVE your bathroom! I want a bathtub like that. I love the chandelier and floor :D

    1. Thank you, Kim. The bathroom is going to be gorgeous. PS My lovely Teacher Aide has just moved states. Lol xxx

  2. Swoonie, swoon, swoon, swoon...those feet...and I mean the bathtub, although your tootsies are quite cute too ;0)
    Come see my new bloggy, Flora'll like it I think....
    Can't wait to see you for a cuppa. The Diva child and I will try to visit The Brisbane Arcade. That's so long as the Man of the House doesn't try to make us get sweaty tidying the garden for the impending Christmas Stampede. I fancy a bit of Room with Roses

    1. Mimi! I am about to visit your second best things in life! If I don't see you at The Hat Box, we will definitely meet at Stafford City! Bet of a step down, I know. Lol. X

  3. beautiful blog, Thanks for visiting my blog! if you follow me I follow back right away

  4. Love your feet!!! (of your bath- I do not have a foot fetish). Look forward to the tattoo reveal!

  5. The bathtub is amazing, love the feet of it...perfect!! And look at cool, can't wait to see it fully, looks fantastic!! Go you ;-))) Xxx