Friday, 29 August 2014

Spring Headpieces: Visual Diary and Creative Spaces

 Here's some of the visual stimulus inspiring my Spring headpieces.
I'll start with lovely, old pastel-coloured diamante brooches.
Jewell colours.
 Lace and pink vinyl.

 Dyeing pink silk and organza.




Two big, papery pink, sequin embellished fleurs bought in Paris. Transported to the House of Flora 
wrapped in the corners of my suitcase.

 Creative spaces.
Enjoy your weekend.
I will be house-keeping.
And, fashioning a bit of frippery.


Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Limelight: MBFF 2014

I'll make no word of a lie.
I love to see a Flora in the limelight.
And, last night was it.
The Brisbane Arcade Accessories in Bloom Parade.
Designer Royalty residing.

I fashioned up a silk and organza fleur.


I continued the feminine theme with a shift decorated with a couple of eyelash lace strips.
I loved myself, sick.
Here's my lap.
I showcased a large leopard fleur on the catwalk.

 A black velvet rose with a heart embellished veil.

  And, that large pink rose you saw me working on last fortnight, provided
you have been paying attention and taking notes.
 Here's the table setting for the Show.
The arcade's lovely.

The parade was clever; the models pretended they were statues.
So we could all have a good gawk.
Attractive young men walked around after them with
jewellery and handbags on trays.
Here's the aforementioned Flora juxtaposed against a black jumpsuit and a gold statement necklace.
Here's Dale Olsson being photographed. Dale has The Hat Box, purveyor of the finest and best
millinery in Australia.

These beautiful and lady-like lopsided stunners are available at The Hat Box.
The pantsuits were sassy.

This little leopard Fez was a favourite of mine.
Here's my leopard statement.
As below:
It was a surprise to Mr Fascinata, and when he saw it, he yelled out, "Someone has
copied your hat". I had to set him straight.
The velvet rose and the heart veil.
I loved every second of it.

In exciting news, I am selling secrets again at Bright Learning.
All in the name of fashioning headpieces and unleashing your inner creative.
Get on board for my Saturday class coming up.
More details soon.