Sunday, 3 August 2014

Flora Dada: Hello.

 Dear Readers,

 I have been fashioning frippery.
And, if you know me well, you will know I am partial to a little artistic frippery.
I'll be honest with you; I have a love and hate with Dada.
Or, is it Fluxism?

 This weekend I had a sudden inkling to make bias cut satin rouleaux strips and stuff them full of wire
and bend accordingly. I wanted to make words.
A witty take.
All sorts of words came into my vernacular.
Please let me know. I would love to hear. Wtf is already taken, sorry.
Let me know in the comments section.
There might be a prize.

 I stuck with, Hello.
 I was under the influence of No 5 Culture Chanel.
My new coffee table book.
Who would have thought the cubists influenced the design of No 5's beautifully crafted flacon?
It's about Coco Chanel and her cultural and social operatives.
I started thinking about Modern Art.
Full-scale frippery.
Well, I never.
Mr Fascinate bought me the tome.
One night, up late on Amazon via his Ipad.
He later said to me, "Did you know that book was $167 AUS?'
Well, I never.
 The book has a lot of blank pages and a lot of French text.
And photographs of Chanel No 5 campaigns Ad nauseum.
But, frankly, I am in love.
It's so big, I can only read it lying down.
It's huge.
Here's Picasso on a page.
 I think this is Boy Capel.

 I now understand my surrealist heels a little more.
Cost per wear is still being crunched via my battery operated calculator.
But, I am getting there.
I'll stick them on pedestal if I have to.
 Chanel, you had me at Hello.
In other words, it's been a lovely weekend.
I've crunched a bit of data for the workers' lessons tomorrow.
To make sure all twenty-eight of us enjoy our hour or so together.
But in the meantime I have made a cassoulet.
Not quite Paris, but more the Toulouse end of the country.
Duck, duck fat, Toulouse sausage, carrots, celery and thyme.
And a few other bits and pieces.
 Stay happy, stay organised and don't forget to say, 'Hello'.


  1. HELLO! I LOVE this headpiece. One of my favourites. Stay inspired x

    1. I can hear your 'Hello!' tone, HIH! I laughed out loud. Xx
      Thank for liking my Dadist work.

  2. That head piece is just too cute Flora! I was just looking at that book. Have a great week!

  3. The book is intriguing, it has lots of old images and advertisements. Was it from an Exhibition...I must research it. If you were my neighbour I would loan it to you. Xxx

  4. If you can make a hat that say's Antidisestablishmentarianism, I will be seriously impressed.

    1. Dr Cilla, if I didn't suffer from hippopotomomonstrosesquippedaliophobia I darn well would.
      And, you should know that I do, just from reading my blog. :D xx

  5. Well, guess what? I would wear the "HELLO" HEADBAND. I think it's super cute and whimsical, especially with the rose. Keep doing what you're doing !!!

    1. Thank you, Marsha. Would 'Howdy' be better for Texans? X

  6. Can you make one that says 'WHAT-EVaH' so I can wear it round the house when my teen is being obnoxious??...x

    1. Mimi, consider it done. I all for a bit of payback. ;D x
      Mind you, I can't imagine any obnoxious frippery in your abode. Think you are making that up.

    2. Hmmm....I could be....but 'twould be fun all the same ;D