Saturday, 26 July 2014

Visual Diary Part 2: Tampering with a Masterpiece

 I won't lie to you, Readers.
Not every frippery I fashion, seamlessly comes together.
It's not always glitter and artfully arranged crystals and Vogue.
This fez shaped pillbox and its vinyl flower gave me grief.
 No matter what I did I couldn't get that thermoplastic magic to happen.
And, frankly, I just thought it looked out of sorts.

 I was fine until I saw this old Dolce and Gabbana advertorial.
I had to change tack.
Roses and lace.
What a happy marriage.
 I found these beautiful ready-made fleurs.
And knew they were the one.

 I then reshaped the base into a heart.
I know, some people will never get well.

 Two wired lace leaves stand up like ears.
You can lie them flat if you are so inclined.
 I'll stitch that net in place.
But in the meantime, here it is.

In exciting news, it's the Mercedes Benze Fashion Festival is in Brisbane, this August.
Kerrie Hess has done the artwork.

Get tickets.



  1. So pretty, I love the pop of colour against the black lace.


    1. Thank you, SSG, it's a classic combination, isn't it? Roses + lace + brights. :Dx

  2. Squeals and cyber love here! Gorgeous! The Diva child is being wooed into Flora fabulosity. You must stop lest a second mortgage on the homestead becomes a necessity. Fab work

    1. Thank you, Mimi. With all the sequins and tulle The Diva has already seen, there's only one road for her!!!
      PS looked at Phyto on 'net,. Wow it seems like a great product. Huge following in Asia, and those girls KNOW how to look after skin!! Xx

  3. Loving those feathers. Clever girl. x

  4. I do believe this one shaped as a heart with ears is my very favourite of yours so far, beaaaaauuutiful!! I adore it!! Well done you :))) The net is the perfect touch as well. I hope you have a great week doll Xxx

  5. Roses and lace look so good together Flora. I'm so glad you got inspiration. Looks good!

  6. Although I do like that lacey hot pink flower, I love the finished product when you changed direction a little. The roses look great! :)

    Are you going to go to the fashion festival? Hope you have fun if you do!

  7. phooeeewwww what a beautiful pieces!! Lace and roses are the perfect combo indeed! In fact I should start wearing it ;) Tomorrow! Hope you have a marvellous time at fashion week! xxxx

    ps I love the Prada baroque sunglasses, please wear them forever and prove wrong!!!

    1. Emilie, I thought you would like it! In good taste re those Baroque Prada glasses, I agree. Funny though I don't wear mine at work and was once at the chalkface and a student (very junior) walked past in a pair!!!xx

  8. *prove me and my stupid example

  9. Sorry I'm typing thuis with an iPad it's hard!!!! Xx

    1. The IPad makes a fool out of lie quite often. Xx

    2. Seriously!!! I meant to write 'me'!!