Monday, 7 July 2014

Full-scale Frippery: Satin Pumps

Frankly, it's been a while since I settled on some full-scale frippery.
Jeff Koons' Puppy (1992) installation and my old Art teacher colleague's thesis about
proving why 'Puppy is God-like' almost stole the show until I saw this.
Needle heel pumps.
A needle could be my personal motif.
My eyes are ageing; despite this, most
of the day at the chalkface is spent threading needles.
Over and over again.
To the tune of, 'I can't do this'.
From bright eyed-young workers.

Those shoes had to be mine. 
I have earned those satin pumps.
I phoned around the traps and was given the short shrift by Chanel.
None today, thanks. They are last season.
 Imagine my surprise when C, in New York went on a SMS directed mission to Chanel.
And, was told they had a pair (in Flora's size) 'out the back'.
Who would have thought?

 They come with their own warning about not wearing them on air transport.
Lest you have to get off the plane in bare feet, and possibly hand-cuffed.
Do as you are told.
 Here they are below, as Chanel's serving suggestion.
I might not be quite as sprightly, but I will give it a go.

 What's your motif?
Ever thought that deep?


  1. What a beautiful pair of shoes ….. I would have them out on display and just look at them all the time !!!!
    ….. and, many thanks for your lovely comment today. Have a great week. XXXX

    1. Yes, they might have to be 'shoe of the day'. :D xx

  2. Oh my feet hurt looking at them!
    But uber stylish!

    1. Cilla!! They will be definitely car drop off and then to restaurant shoes, those heels. The actual shoe last is comfy, but the height and the stiletto, well...that's another story.

  3. The so amazing!! Goodness, the heel shines, ha. I love it :)) xx

  4. These are gorgeous and are giving me pins and needles! Congrats FLora- it was meant to be. Am going to have to think about my personal motif x

  5. They are so you!!! They are made for someone who can rock a fascinator. hope they were quaffing champers and eating the "through the curtain" nuts and generally hob nobbing with the celebs on board the flight to you. I can totally see you stepping out tall in them, striding like the Charlie girl. (sorry you are too young for that reference, Charlie girl was in mists of time)

  6. Oh wow these are the most perfect shoes ever, like dream shoes, absolutely stunning.

  7. Found you through FF, love the lovely hats but I have to say, I LOVE your dog, he is hilarious! xxxx

    1. So annoying the dog gets more compliments than anything!!! ;D Thank you for stopping by, Dear Blighty. Xx