Tuesday, 15 July 2014

La fête nationale du 14 juillet

 I'll warn you now.
I don't usually go out on a school night.
But, I did last night.
 The lure of a fixed menu at Montrachet in Paddington got me.
And, Bastille Day.
Call me predictable.
I am nothing, if not a cliché.
 I decided to wear the needle heels.
I won't lie to you, I did kick them off as soon as I could.

 Before I left I tried to do a Bill Henson style shoot with the House Model.
Dark, moody and blurred.
 Who tried to get away from me every way he could.

 I didn't wear this Flora-one-of-a-Kind cocktail hat, as below.
But, I darn well should have.

 Slight resemblance?

 There's no food photos really because Mr Fascinata cannot get his head around that
type of frippery.

 You'll have to get there for yourself.
Did you do anything for the sake of Francophilia?


  1. I do not blame your dog for wanting to run the hell away while you were wearing those needle heels.

    but you look lovely and yes you jolly well should have worn your headpiece. It is fabulous. If you don't want it, I will have it.

  2. Cilla!!! I'm laughing! But, I thought you were on my side! You would look gorgeous in the feather cocktail headpiece, agreed. Xx

  3. Looove the shoes! I didn't know they were called needle heels in English so again I learnt something from coming to your blog :) Great you celebrated le 14 juillet :) It looks like you were dressed just perfectly for the occasion, and the food looks perfect too!

    xx Emilie

    and yesssss I'm moving to Paris!! For half a year (booooo) because I go there on Erasmus :) Can't WAIT!!! I'll have a lot of classes but I planning every weekend FULL already haha.

    1. Emilie, so great you are going on Erasmus! Clever thing.

  4. Am glad you had a wonderful time, those shoes are amazing, but I would most definitely have kicked them off at the end of the night too :))) Gorgeous. I am more a dog person too, but I liked the dress, am happy you did too :))) Hope your week is going beautifully so far doll <333

    1. Thank you Kizzy. You are CUTE in the kitty frock. :D

  5. I love everything about this post. The photography. The outfit. Montrachet. The shoes. The poodle (who actually looks like a poodle).

    1. Sorry HIH, I thought you might feel a pang when you saw a poodle with a POODLE CUT!
      The photos are ground breaking. Xxx

  6. Oh Flora! Montrachet is my most favourite place to eat EVER! We dined there the day after Bastille Day and I couldn't resist the Coquilles St Jacques with slivers of Black Tasmanian Truffle followed by the Swiss Triple Clotted Cream Brie with Truffled Honey. Oh my. Divine. Must catch up soon. The Diva insists that she cannot go through life without a pair of Flora Cats Ears ;0)

  7. Mimi, i am so pleased you have experienced Montrachet. Mr Fascinata and I had our Wedding reception there!!! I know. It was small compared to some and just beautiful. What about the truffles!!! It's actually quite okay value, if you stay away from the wine list! :D
    I have cat ear gift for The Diva (if you approve of her wearing them!). Xx

    1. Ah but one must have a little French drop with ones truffles! See you soon ... xxx