Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Festivus Food Part 2: Wrapped

For as much as I enjoy making fabric fleurs; my sister loves paper.
She is an artisan of a  gift-wrapper.
Each year I get caught out.
My gifts covered with cheap easily torn wrap.
Hers looking as something I don't want to tear.
I know it's what's inside that counts.

 Here's our family table.
I trot out whatever's red and covered in glitter.
I don't go in for buying too many add-ons each year.

 Everyone pays attention and brings what they are told.
It just works with the minimum of fuss.
The BBQ's on and it is stinking hot.

 Leopard print for Christmas day? Yes, thanks.

 This little faux Chanel bijou is a tree decoration for next year.
I know, isn't it nice to be understood?
 My niece fashioned this silver foil paper sculpture.
 I know have my own Paris-purpose designed sticky tape.
And, a long-haul eye-mask.
 Time to tidy up, again.

Friday, 26 December 2014

Festivus Food Part 1: Christmas Day Brunch

 Just the three of us, not too much frippery.
We kept it simple, Silly.

 Mumm Champagne.
 Little tiny croissants, ham and gruyere.
 Oysters with Wakame salad and chilli.


 Giant King prawns with potato and egg salad..
 Chilled prawns with lemon and lime.

 Then, off to visit friends with duck pancakes in tow.
After clearing the table.  
We'll have a little hiatus now, until the 28th for our family 'do.
Enjoy the Season.

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Flora's Christmas Message

 Dear, All
I was watching television the other day when in rather unfortunate circumstances a man was asked,
"if he could supply a photograph of his wife". "Yes," he replied, "But, there's a lot to choose from".
2014 really has been the Year of the Selfie for Flora
And she is not sorry.
I hope Mr Fascinata never has to rife through the files.
Anyway, he better pick a good one.
Touch wood.
Like some sort of radical conclusion to what started out as bit of an experiment 
I am going to declare that blogging is good for the self-esteem and personal growth.
Do you beg to differ?
I want to take this opportunity to tell you how much I have valued having
you as my loyal followers.
I also enjoy your thoughts, musings and photographs immensely.
 I adore the thought that I talk to women in places such as India
and Lebanon. I now have a gorgeous pen-pal in the United Kingdom, B!
One of my favourite bloggers lives a couple of suburbs away from me 
and I have met fantastic role-models such as Dr C and other writers and academics
who are never afraid to speak their mind.
Reading blogs has made me realise, 'You can always ask'.
I have now done this on numerous occasions.
The most recent request I am very excited about.
You see, because of the confidence blogging brings I contacted a Queensland Senator
to speak (gratis, of course...) at the chalkface's 2015 International Women's Day next March.
She is an expert in discussing the qualitative data that indicates discrimination against women.
Young chalkface workers need to know this.

 I know it hasn't been the easiest year for some.
And, I have learnt this through reading many posts throughout 2014.
To the creatives, dreamers and the writers who say the things
I am unsure to say, 'Thank you'.
You have taught me a lot.

Thank you for coming here to admire my textiles frippery.
And being so complimentary when I posted all of the
other things, 'that make life sweet'.

 Your encouragement means a lot.
 In other news I've been as busy as the next person.
Trying to fit in cheese platters and a bottle of sparkles.

Keeping the Dog of the Year entertained.
 Zhu zhuing up the tree.

 Dreaming of my next holiday.
You must make plans, so you always have something to look forward to.

 Doing last-minute Christmas shopping.
Or, the Christmas shopping at-the-last-minute.
I decided I would fib (lie seems a bit harsh) to sales staff when they cheerily said handing the purchase to me,
"Is this it, now?"
"Yep," I said, "That's the last".
Here's our Brisbane City Christmas tree.
Powered by solar energy.
Makes sense to me.
 Here's City Hall. I am in love with the building.
We've got a few old ones.

 I've popped up to Montrachet and put up the paper sheets on the windows.

 Here's the working party.

 Whatever shape, guise or manifestations Christmas Day takes on I hope you have a
good one. Wrestle the beast gently and carefully, take plenty of deep breaths.
Remember, it is 'only one day' and tomorrow is a new one.