Thursday, 18 December 2014

Roses and Lexy on Green

 It's been lovely around here.
I've had time to fashion this lovely rose headpiece inspired by my new art acquisition.
A pastel print on canvas by artist Julie Hyndman.


 I've used my lip brush to execute 30 minute lips and
sped down to Stewart MacFarlane's Pop-Up Show on the weekend.
If you have been paying attention, you will remember that
Stewart is a well-known Australian artist who launched his book with Flora in the audience.
 If you are okay with the nude in Art, you will appreciate Lexy.
Lexy on Green (2014)
Here's Lexy being walked home from point-of-purchase.

I've also been to Roma Street Parklands
In the Brisbane city precinct.

There's a fair bit on offer.
A picnic would top it off.
Topiary national emblems.
A sort of Christmas tree made of marigolds.
Lots of lovely flower beds.
A waterfall.
I'm on holidays from the day-job.
So I had time to notice the small stuff.
The tonal gradation on this bloom really got me.

 I've also noticed that Mui Mui are incorporating a granny-square bodice.
Who would have thought?
I've started drawing the festive window decorations for a little French restaurant.
 I've got six large sheets of paper drawn with dogs with a bunting that says,
Season's Greetings.

How are your Season's Greetings going?
My gift is under the tree, and Mr Fascinata has just remarked that his isn't.
I better get cracking.

I'll get back to you when the windows are covered. 


  1. Beautiful painting. I luff. Need to get back into my artistic pursuits, you've inspired me x

    1. Cilla, you are knocking over the PhD, so things are pretty time-poor. You might like to just start drawing....any which way or loose...just get a Visual Diary. Keep some drawing media in a tin nearby. Of course, you could also supply granny squares for Mui Mui. Xxx

  2. Oh Flora...another cornucopia of gorgeousness!! Cabbage rose is divine, Stuart's work looks like a little sensual Modligliana (Brisbane style), nice to see the hubster doing his hanging thing, adore the gardens in all their frippery, not entirely sure about the granny vest....won't be rushing to buy one any time soon....but those drawings!!!!!!!!!! F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S Flora !!! Praps I'll book for Christmas Eve...but I guess he'll be booked out! Will try though. Chat soon! Ciao, Robyn

  3. Thank you for your compliments re the drawings. They are just for the windows during the Summer holidays while the restaurant is closed. It's my fourth time of doing them and I really enjoy it. The restaurant does close on the 23 December. Xx

  4. That headpiece is so gorgeous! I love red, and it's spectacular Flora. Also love that necklace and red lip print. So pretty!

    1. Thank you, Kim!! I always feel like the lip print is a bit OTT, so don't wear it much! It is fun for and Art Show. Lovely for you to swing by. Xx

  5. Such a gorgeous shade of red!

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  6. What beautiful flowers!!

    Miu Miu doing granny squares? The crazy thing is I can just see myself looking for a high street facsimile this winter... I know. Old before my time.

    SSG xxx