Monday, 24 February 2014

Gold Part 2

I'm not done with gold, yet.
 I'm fashioning up some gold head wear frippery for a friend.
For the gold party.
I am drawing inspiration from this piece, as below.
I am completely smitten by its silver prism bolts.
But, this time it's stars.
Glittering ones, at that.
 Sorry, source unknown, I pushed 'save image' on the Ipad
with reckless abandon yonks ago and lost track.
 My outfit's nearly complete.
But here is the stars' visual diary.
 Sticky stars on satay skewers.
Glued and gold-dusted.


 This is only a rough draft.
I've yet arrange those celestial sparklers.
And, I need to touch up a bit of the glitter.

I'll be sure to show you the final result.


Sunday, 23 February 2014

Trotting out Eco-Dyeing 2014

 I've been traipsing around the bush and supermarket getting vegetal matters
for eco-friendly dyeing.
Frankly, I love it.
I trot the lesson out once a year.
It's a bit of rigmarole, simmering pots over lunch time, interruptions that
cause dye extractions to evaporate because I get distracted by less important matters.
Leaves, lichens and sticks simmering in old pans.
Those not in the know enquiring why the classroom smells slightly
like a grass fire.
It does take a bit of an effort.
But, the hues are lovely.


 You'll need dark coloured bark.
Red gum is good.
Banksia cones.
Seed pods.
Native and non-toxic plants are must
for work place health and safety.
Do some research first.
Try onion skins (red and brown), beetroot, red cabbage, tea leaves, gum tree leaves.
Small twigs, lichens.

 Simmer for about one hour.
Then leave overnight.
Strain, add vinegar, salt or some type of mordant.
Here's the tricky part; the mordant.
The mordant's function is to 'fix' the dyes.
We've had some trouble here.
I have had to warn the workers sternly not to fixate on a particular colour.
Because it might not be there when they return on Monday.
Eco-dye doesn't always keep its promise.
We are dyeing gauzy strips of muslin, ideal 'sun-safe scarves'.
And we'll embellish then with the lace pieces.
 Above, lichen and sticks.
Below red onion.
 If you scrub your beetroots first, then boil and save the stained water
you can then zhu zhu up a beetroot, mint and yoghurt dip.
Don't waste anything.
Here's ours:

 Have fun.


Tuesday, 18 February 2014


 In alarming news, we've been invited to a wonderful social 'do
whereby 'Gold' is the dress-code.
Frankly, I am excited but it's been a long time between drinks with me and gold.
I like it in the décor.
 At Easter time.
On cakes.
 In Venice.
 A snippet on a shoe.
All the better if it's glitter.
But, Charlotte Olympia would have to pay me to carry this croissant clutch.
 Regardless, I have set to work.
A sequinned strip.
A little vial of extra fine German glass glitter.

 The beginnings of a bloom.

 I'll conjure this gold lurex knit up into something Japanese 80s fashion maverick
Issey Miyake would approve of.
I might have to go a bit further than the eco-dress' economy
of style and skill.

 In good news, that sequinned bag cost me $5 AUD at a suitcase rummage!
At Palmwoods at The Lane, just off Main Street.
1st Saturday of the month.
 And, if you can discern the chains against that shimmer, another $5 AUD for the necklace.

 I'm matching the décor.

I'll keep you updated.