Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Starr Lunch

 I left the studio to take care of itself on Sunday
to have lunch at Starr's new house.

 We took a road trip across town.
 Found a pine needle arched path and followed it accordingly.

 Got greeted by H the studio poodle.
 And Foo's unbridled enthusiasm.
 Her new abode is lovely.
 She even has her own water-lily pond!

 And it houses her studio, too.

 Starr is good at having people over, even if
I did invite myself.
 Don't mind if I do.
Thank you.
 A colourful spread ensured that no-one left hungry.

 And most excitingly we picked up possession of
a rendition or artist's homage to Van Gogh's
Starry Night.
Make no mistake.
We love it.
 It's a little dark and moody, just how night can be.
 Here it is in situ; immediately up on the wall.
VIP treatment.

 Thank you, Starr.
We love your work.



  1. Looks like you had a gorgeous time, love the studio, that is so fantastic, would have been there a long time :)) Xx

    1. Dear Doll, you would just love Starr and what she has achieved as a solo person!!! She is to be admired!

  2. great post! Those hedpieces are just so so chic. I like!

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  3. I'll say! It must be lovely to have pink champers and food amid all that paint and creativity. I love your headpieces, that orange and pink one is just the loveliest citrus confection ever. Do they ever arrange themselves while you're away sipping bubbles?

  4. Starr's fabulous. I better get tech savvy and post her lovely website link. My word those poupees do rearrange themselves! They take off their headpieces for another one and cause all sorts of frippery. Chuffed to see you've joined Flora, welcome. X

  5. Star is absolutely amazing! I love her art studio, water lily pond and her gorgeous dishes. Her painting looked fabulous in your home Flora. Glad you had a great time.

  6. Imagine my surprise- I looked at your blog today and was treated to two posts! Lunch and art work looks phenomenal. Is your friend's work displayed at The picture frame place next to Spotlight in Indooroopilly- feels like I've seen some of it around???

    1. I love the saying...Imagine my surprise;D I don't think Starr's work is at Indro. Red Hill Gallery represent her. But the store might have purchased something. There's a few businesses around town with her stuff. Xx