Thursday, 6 February 2014

Good for Shy and Retiring Types

 This is one of my favourite photographs.
I know.
Who doesn't love Doris Day?
Or a coiffed caniche?
Although, after last weekend I deem the parlour officially
out of reach for the normally working man.
The House Muse's coat cost $92 to de-tangle,
trim, zhu-zhu and deodorise. That is officially a record.
 I started making this little feather wrapped cocktail hat a while back.
I had to hand stitch feathers mounted on fine cotton cord and get them
to sit just right.
Bright orange and pale pink feather combination aside;
it's quite minimalist and that can make it tricky.
 The feathers kept sitting every which way but loose, and frankly
this got on my nerves.
I love fashioning frippery with feathers, but it can take a toll.

I've decided to showcase it against HRH Cara Delevingne, wearing a
crown on a past copy of Vogue Australia.
There won't be any selfies going on today.
The headpiece has an extravagant piece of bling in its centre.
There's two pinkish shades of gathered tulle under the diamante.

 It's a feather to wear and would be lovely for the Winter Racing Carnival.
Good for shy and retiring types?

How's your February going so far?
More of this?
 Less of this?
I'm trying.




  1. So beautiful objects you create, dear Flora! We love them!

  2. Looks amazing doll, love this colour :)) Doris Day was quite awesome :) Have a gorgeous weekend xx

  3. $92!!! WOW! Oh well, I know she looks pretty. Always love all of your creations Flora :)