Saturday, 8 February 2014


 I was minding my own business today.
Just schlepping around the House of Flora.
Taking selfies.
Doing housework.
Setting up little fabric vignettes. 

 Admiring the new walk-in.

 Noticing the small things.

 Wondering where I was going to put the last of the Christmas decorations.
 Putting up a few artefacts from Venice.
Made in China.
 Zhu-zhuing with flower corsages.

 Admiring my glitter handiwork.

 Tidying up my twenty year old cotton reel holder.
Not particularly ergonomic.
But an original one-of-a-kind.
Made by a fellow chalkface worker.
 Wondering how I could put this little swan into a headpiece.
 Procrastinating about putting away mess.
 When suddenly I had news!
Full-scale frippery!
Flora's in the Queensland's biggest newspaper's fashion editorial.
The Courier Mail
Stop it.
Flora's frippery styled with pyjamas and ice-creams.
On roller-skates, no less!
 Here's the piece back in the studio under progress.




 To celebrate I cut loose in the kitchen.
Orange and apricot cupcakes with a cream cheese frost.

 I'm suitably chuffed.
Loved up or not, what are you doing for Valentine's Day?
Any inspiration?


  1. Whoa Mumma! You're a celeb now. I see the price of Frippery soaring! Mucho congrats Sweetness...x

    1. Still have time for you lovely Mimi. Xx

  2. Oh wow! Huge congrats on getting your hats featured in the Courier mail! :) They are beautiful too I can see why they chose them :)

    Away From Blue

    1. Thank you, Mica. It was so funny though because I had all sorts of styling looks in my head and when I saw the photos I had to laugh!!! PJs!! What!!! Too funny!! Something to remember,! X

  3. Get you in the fabulous & well deserved!! Am super happy for you doll :))) I know there will be plenty more of those to come :)) I really love your closet, I could do with something like that. And your right about the unicorn tshirt...I don't have that one yet...but I will soon :) I bought one from the first line first and when I can, I'll get the unicorn..but you know me well ;) Have a lovely week my dear Xxx

    1. I love your words of support. It is a treat for me to read, thank you. Xx

  4. OH MY WORD FLORA! Congratulations Doll! You are so deserving and I love it even more because the shoot had a dessert theme to it. I LOVE IT! I love your closet space. You have so many neat things. I would just sit and stare in amazement. Love the treats.

  5. I knew you would love the theme!!! Laughing at your comments! You've made my day. Thank you. Xxx

  6. So happy for you. I missed it, but expect there will be plenty more fashion spreads in the future! You are a super star! Those cupcakes look delightful. I haven't yet made plans for Valentine's Day. Expect it will be low key. Hope you do something special x