Saturday, 1 February 2014

Peggy and Dogs

If you go to Venice, make sure you go to Burano for a look at lace, and
drop in at Peggy's Palazzo Venier dei Leoni, on the Grand Canal.
It houses one of Europe's premier art collections.
You won't be disappointed.
There's a lot to see.

Art aside.
Here I am sitting in her Byzantine throne chair, in the Palazzo's garden.
Shot by Mr Fascinata, not Karl Lagerfeld as per Lara Stone's visit, below.
But nonetheless, still fabulous.
And here's Peggy.
She put Modern Art on the map.
 It's no secret that Peggy Guggenheim loved art and dogs.
She also had a thing for sunglasses and hanging with artists of all guises.
But, she did favour the Surrealists.
She married Max Ernst at one stage.
Imagine that rollercoaster.
Apparently she would lounge
in bed for days at a time, shrieking for her lovers to bring more Champagne.
 Next to her grave is an olive tree gifted to her by Yoko Ono.
This fascinated me, because I started to think about of all the people she
knew, Yoko's gift was it.
There's a plaque to note the gesture.

She always had three or four Lhaso Apso pups at a time.
And those little fluff balls lie near in the tranquil setting.
Yapping their heads off, for an eternity.
The garden's lovely; you can just imagine what sort
of frippery would have gone on.

With a nod to Peggy, instead of doing the housework today,
I was shooting the dogs' portraits.
Juxtaposed against that faux zebra rug.
Mind you, it's still a dyed cow-hide, apologies re any vegans viewing.
I am a bit nervous about showing my feet in this shot.
As I read about one lovely blogger's new Hermes sandals
 and in her commentary followers were
giving her medical advice about podiatry and bunion issues.
I hope no-one picks up anything unforseen.
 I've utilised shape, colour and focal point.
 And, a bit of texture.

 Stay creative.
Use the elements any way you can.


  1. Gorgeous pictures my dear!! Love the blue glass at the window, so beautiful!! And get you on your 'throne' that is so cool that you got to go there :) Your dogs are the sweetest...bless. I hope you have a wonderful weekend Xxx

    1. I knew you would love Peggy's Byzantine throne. Xx

  2. Oh no Flora! I don't know which made me laugh harder....Peggy calling to her lover (s) for 'Champagne!', or 'bloggers with bunions'....hahahahahahahah....pretty doggies though, and Very Arty Shots of said precious canines.....x

    1. And she sort of looks like an unassuming old dear. Hope no-one enlarged my foot photo. See you soon! X

  3. That garden sounds lovely, what a tranquil place,a lovely resting spot. Nice that her dogs are near also.

    I like the photos of your pups - they are cute! :)

    Away From Blue

    1. The garden's as much a treat as the Gallery. :) x

  4. HaHa! Peggy was an amazing woman! So interesting about her. Love your nail lacquer color and the puppies are enjoying your new set up :)

    1. Peggy was outrageous! Imagine moving to Venice in the 1930s by yourself from America.

  5. Your dogs are living the life! Love that rug. Sounds like we have a Dalmation who will be joining our family. So it's spots for us.

    1. Thrilled about the spots, in lieu of leopard or stripes. Please post puppy pictures. Our dogs are quite rude. They really make themselves at home. They won't take no for an answer. Lucky I am not a parent. Xx

  6. I love browsing for fabrics in foreign countries, and I never gotten a really good tip on what to see in Venice - so thank you! :) Xx

    1. Dear Paris, make sure you head out to Ciprani's too, restaurant just on Island called Guidecca. Part of big luxe hotel. Xx it would be a dream to hunt for more fabrics when I holidaying, but get too rushed.

  7. Isn't it fascinating how much a person's death - or even their resting place- can say about their life?

    Great portraits of your dogs-- they are very cute!