Sunday, 26 May 2013

Some People will Never Get Well

 I took it upon myself to make my chalkface friend
T, a soft-sculpture replica of her Maltese terrier.
I know. Some people will never get well.

 In breaking news, the Dog-of-the-Year's cousin
has made it onto Vogue Living: Australia.
 Here's Moo, sitting on his drum.

The workers still continue to meet the needs of the syllabus
in conditions unfit for most. One x 70 minute lesson, Flora on the
end of a clipboard. Tick and flick.
Look at this souffle.
 Starr's been papped wearing a Flora-on-of-a-Kind.
 Here she is wearing her rose 'ears' as she calls them.
 I'm wanting to sit around cutting out Chanel clothes for my paper dolls.
Sadly, that won't be happening any time soon.
 These books include a series on many European designers.
Nice way to start learning about the history of fashion.
There's a little annotation under each one.
There as cheap as chips on Amazon.

 I've just fixed a mend in the sheerest pure silk organza
I have ever seen.
One of the Korean costumes that the workers wore on UN Day, remember?
Came back a little worse for wear.
Happy to be of service.
 It was testing, and I'd be lying is I said I wasn't nervous.

 Thinking about this mix for a Gatsby look.
Not sure where I am going, but I'll let you know when I get there.
 Keep supple.

Thursday, 23 May 2013


I've had a few early starts this week, reclaiming the Sow's Ear.
A.k.a the school garden.
 As well as the usual Calico Capers and cooking practicals.

And spotting the odd Winter Flora around the ridges.

  Frankly, I'd be lying if I said the workers' vegetable garden wasn't in rack and ruin.

 Not a patch on what it used its former self.
Before (circa 2012):
 Apart from a good yield of passion fruit.
 After (circa 2013):
 The hottest chilli in the world survived the deforest.
And the soil conditioning comfrey, top right.
And a regular visitor, a Kookaburra.
 The Sow's Ear now has a teaching and learning platform.
Thanks to J, who does things with thought.
We've now got small mint runners laced throughout the pavers.
 A safe spot for the workers to visit, so they won't crush the herbs and cherry tomatoes!
And, we are ready to replant.
Thank you to you, J.
I'm currently waging an on-line war with our local council
over the razing of a vegetable and herb garden, 'illegally' and anonymously planted
on a corner of public park.
Completing cleared by a ride-on lawn mower.
Not harming anyone, not growing illicit weed.
But a few cherry tomatoes and herbs, companion plants to combat pests, too.
I don't get it, it's not like every man and his dog is
getting in on the act.
Some people can't see the forest for the trees.


Monday, 20 May 2013

Painted and Not Much Else

 Click away now if you are sick to death of me going on about
how happy I am with the paint-job.
 It's white, people.

And I've had a good cull.
Thanks to the painter saying to me each morning, 'Yes, now's
the time for a good throw-out'.
 The House of Flora's atelier has never looked better.
I got up early today because I went to bed early to escape the fumes.
Cause and effect.
Saw this scene on awakening.
That proboscis's still growing.
 The sunrise was lovely.
 Mr Fascinata brought the household these cushions, by proxy,
while he was away on a Golf trip.
He's in tune. 
 Colour-coding the book-shelf's back on the 'To-do' list.
The rainbow translation got lost in the pre-paint shove and stash.
 This old painted metal 1950s tinware tray emerged from the heights of
the top of the kitchen cupboards.
I couldn't bear to put it in the St Vinnies box.
It was a little gift from Starr's mother yonks ago.
 I'm setting up a vignette with my Ossie Clark vintage
panty-hose, who would have thought?
Lovely Bea from Dangerous Liaisons blogspot sent them to me.
All the way from the United Kingdom.
On a different note, aren't paint colours named strangely at times.
Would you name a paint colour this?
Self Destruct? Wonder how many people do,
during renovations?
Stay centred on the job, now.