Saturday, 4 May 2013

Problem Solving

 I've been spending a fair bit of time fashioning frippery today.
Tweaking, fluffing, frou-frou'ing fascination.
In between bursts of good house-keeping.
 Deepening the mystery.

 Going back to the little shadow box of treasures.

 This sequinned net's under the scissors soon.

 One large fleur.

 Have no fear, I still had to do the usual Saturday drudgery.
With the robo-vac and my niece to assist.
Thank goodness.
 These two only add to the housework chagrin.
 Having guests over tomorrow afternoon.
I've got spiced pork belly, baked apples and creme brulee on the menu.
 My next objet d' fleur is fashioning a magnolia.
These are my friend C's.
Aren't they amazing?
 Stay inspired, lovelies.

1 comment:

  1. So the feather coming out of the hat on the left, the shot of bright pink and black is so great!! Love that contrast. Amazing work...have a wonderful week ahead xx