Thursday, 16 May 2013


 I've been involved in all sorts of frippery this week.
The House of Flora has been ransacked and left to dry after interior painting,
early mornings have been spent stashing and moving all sorts.

 Jamming and shoving things out of the way of the painter's reach.
 The studio is no longer that unfortunate shade of pink.
 Nice for nails, though.
Thank goodness, I had the good sense of A Re-purposed Life and Calico Capers to turn
to at the chalkface.
Which is coming along nicely; thank-you for asking.
Here's a soft toy, made out of stuff we'd usually throw away, from
Beanie making last year.
Don't worry about a pattern, just draw any creative nonsense on fabric, stitch the outline, then trim.
Fill with dacron.
Add features, but don't give it to children if it's got button eyes, okay?
Too dangerous, please.

 Calico Caper's is coming to fruition.

 These junior workers are covering a whole bodice in
cotton carnations. I know.
They are also making a bouquet out of paper napkins.
 These slippers are getting a make-over, too.
These embellishments will be added.
The Hat Box High Tea went well.
 Starr choofed along in a Flora-One-of-a-Kind.
A pair of rosey ears.
Leading Australian Milliner  Suzy O'Rourke's talk went well, by all accounts.
Have a look at her work, you'll be partial.
The latest collection is actually 24 carat dipped gold lace.
She's wearing a gold lace garlanded pillbox in the photo below (top right).

 Stay creating.



  1. The make-over is coming along nicely it looks :) Lovely pieces as well. Love the nail polish colour also. Hope you are having a great week doll xx

  2. What a fabulous event! I love the fascinators all of the ladies are wearing. Ahhh, a new coat of paint! That always uplifts a room. It's the moving around stuff I don't like. HaHaHa

  3. Nossa quanta coisa linda!
    Amei tudo!
    Amei o esmalte, realmente muito lindo!
    Beijos da Mari e Lambidas da Mel!

    1. Hello Mel! Thank you for visiting! Your puppy is lindo! Xx

  4. The make over is looking fab, lovely! Actually in love with the drawer in the first picture!

    Looks like you had a lovely time at the event.