Thursday, 26 February 2015


 I'm doing a little story for a textiles magazine.
Frankly, I am excited, but we'll see how it goes.
I might end up on the cutting room floor.
Can happen.
My dear friend J did the shoot.
She is an absolute perfectionist.
Very generous with her time and attention.

 She wouldn't have a bar of my light-box bathtub.
 We had to do the full catastrophe set up on the rear deck.
A flashing snoot included.
Silver 'umbrellas'. The works.
 My little light-box was not needed.

 I will stick to what I know.
Do you?

Friday, 20 February 2015

Blow your own Horn

 People, Cartier has finally opened in Brisbane.
The good news is Flora has been included in a lovely fashion editorial
promoting all things wishful in the Q Weekend lift-out from the weekend papers.
But alas, no invite to the Opening Night.
Perhaps my invite went astray.
Apparently, 'Paris' did the invites.
I've slipped from the A List.
Who said I wasn't 'serious?'.
 Here's my Christmas card. Now, where is my invite to the Opening Night?
Here's the store carefully barricaded from prying eyes while the jewels
were in transit from the Surfers Paradise Boutique.

Now opened.
Tradesmen need not have applied for the shop fit-out.
It's a job for craftsmen only.
Anyway, by 6 degrees of separation, it's
Flora and Cartier.
No argument.

Here's the lovely head-piece.
It's hand-tooled. Layered, stitched, trimmed and dyed.
With pale pink spear feathers.

Blow your own horn.
Just in case no-one else does, Lovelies.
The Pink Fleur with Feather Spears is available at The Hat Box.
And, if you get to Cartier's Opening, can you let me know how it was?

Sunday, 8 February 2015

So in this Season...

 My lovely niece C has just held her own group Exhibition of visual Art:
Pineapples, Ganesh, skulls, tattoos, social media bits and pieces, computer game icons, owls and energy drinks
all got the nod.
Whatever was in this Season.

 She did a nice job talking to all the young things (and old things) in the crowd.
 I'd be lying if I didn't say I was proud.
 My other niece was a participant as well.
She's made some beautiful metal fleurs!
Made out of empty energy drink cans.
Here's her artist statement.

 She does this drawing too, called pyrography.
Carefully burning into wood.

 In situ, it made a grand impact.

 I've been maintaining the rage at the chalkface in the name of creativity.
I've warmed up the workers for Wearable Art.

 We made headpieces out of newspaper.

 I've held a in-class tea-party.
Prepped up and served in record time.

 Mimi, I used your mint green icing and chocolate cake inspiration.
A little shabby chic, but tasted great.

 What are you up to?
What's in Season for you, All?