Friday, 20 February 2015

Blow your own Horn

 People, Cartier has finally opened in Brisbane.
The good news is Flora has been included in a lovely fashion editorial
promoting all things wishful in the Q Weekend lift-out from the weekend papers.
But alas, no invite to the Opening Night.
Perhaps my invite went astray.
Apparently, 'Paris' did the invites.
I've slipped from the A List.
Who said I wasn't 'serious?'.
 Here's my Christmas card. Now, where is my invite to the Opening Night?
Here's the store carefully barricaded from prying eyes while the jewels
were in transit from the Surfers Paradise Boutique.

Now opened.
Tradesmen need not have applied for the shop fit-out.
It's a job for craftsmen only.
Anyway, by 6 degrees of separation, it's
Flora and Cartier.
No argument.

Here's the lovely head-piece.
It's hand-tooled. Layered, stitched, trimmed and dyed.
With pale pink spear feathers.

Blow your own horn.
Just in case no-one else does, Lovelies.
The Pink Fleur with Feather Spears is available at The Hat Box.
And, if you get to Cartier's Opening, can you let me know how it was?


  1. Looks like an amazing time :) Adore the hat you made, it's perfect!! And great to see it in print too, cool :)) I hope you have a wonderful weekend Xxx

    1. Thank you, Kizzy Doll! I always get a thrill when a stylist picks one of my pieces for a shoot. Xx

  2. Oh Flora how rude! This weekends paper did you say? Can I name drop over brunch when I get to the article in mention? Oh look I know her! ;) Your creations always make me sigh in the nicest possible way. Oh and hon if perchance an invite lands in my letterbox it's all yours :)


    1. Kimmie, I will be honest - I was bent out of shape!! We got a lot of soirée invites from the Surfers store...but now we have been bumped!!!! LOL!!
      Name-drop all you like - we are 'friends'! It was two weekends ago - 7 Feb. I will hold you to giving me your invite...I have that in writing. Xx :D

  3. It is Cartier's loss that you weren't invited.
    Lovely fleur xx

    1. *sniff* exactly. I knew you would tell it how it is.

  4. Flora my love, my invite went similarly astray. I know. Disappointing isn't it? Gosh a walk down that particular Bris Blvd is an exercise in wallet restraint now, don't you think? Love it. Bris is all grown up all of a sudden. As for your mention in the News....well last mention I got was something to do with my lost dog, so I'm suitably impressed. Mimi xxx

    1. Well, firstly I hope your puppy came back!!! Ginger went missing for a day once and I cried for 8 hours, true story.
      We need to go 'window-licking' on Edward Street.
      We will bypass Cartier. Xxx :D

  5. Good one Flora!!! Pity about 'le slip".....Paris can be a bit like that sometimes. But you'll look ever so chic as you slip!!!!!!!!!!!



    1. Yes, I was definitely 'rooted out' by Paris 'head office' tearing up the old VIP list....hhhmmmmppphhh.

  6. It's wonderful you were in the paper! A nice consolation that your designs are beautiful, pretty and values, so you don't feel too bad about not getting an opening to the Cartier store! :)

    Shows how long I've been out of the CBD for, didn't even know there was one coming soon!

    Away From The Blue

    1. I think you have been busy doing the more important things in life :D xx
      Worth a window shop.
      Thank you for your levelling words .

  7. That flower, headpiece, is so divine. Mimi told me about your talent. Just beautiful! xxx

  8. Flora if anyone deserves to go it is you!!!!!!! It is there loss! Hope you are well and that headpiece is stunning! Just mopping up after cyclone marcia ..... huge!!!