Thursday, 26 February 2015


 I'm doing a little story for a textiles magazine.
Frankly, I am excited, but we'll see how it goes.
I might end up on the cutting room floor.
Can happen.
My dear friend J did the shoot.
She is an absolute perfectionist.
Very generous with her time and attention.

 She wouldn't have a bar of my light-box bathtub.
 We had to do the full catastrophe set up on the rear deck.
A flashing snoot included.
Silver 'umbrellas'. The works.
 My little light-box was not needed.

 I will stick to what I know.
Do you?


  1. Looks swish!!!!!!!! And the frippery is gorgeous too!


    1. I must say I love the look of photographer's equipment. Costs a fortune though!!! Bye, PRB xx

  2. I rather like the red. And the pink...well you know me and PINK! I think a bathtub is a very clever make-do light box actually. I must try that. You are cleverness personified Flora, I tell you. Mimi xxx

    1. J is a perfectionist with light!!! The light box did not cut the cheese! But, the tub works well within reason...xx

  3. Oh Mel
    How exciting. Can't wait to hear what magazine it's for - BEST of luck to BE published.
    I am subscribed to "Cloth Paper Scissors", so it would be an total bonus if I open an upcoming edition and see your work.

    And the Bathtub Photo/Light Box?
    It's perfect!

    1. Pia Dear Heart! I must check out Cloth Paper Scissors. I keep hearing about it! Hope you are doing okay, sweetie. Xxx

  4. Holy hat-gasm!
    Those hats are marvellous x

  5. Gorgeous that!! And I love how you use your tub, that is the kind of thing I would do, ha!! And why not, it is an awesome tub :)))) Happy week to you my darling girl!! Xxx

  6. I've never thought of using the bathtub for a light box effect, that's genius I think! Shame it wasn't used, but you can always try that trick again next time a photo shoot is needed! :)

    Looking forward to hearing that your items were featured in the magazine! :)

    Away From The Blue