Sunday, 1 February 2015

Two Fleurs: look after your Universe

 Pardon my absentia.
I have had all sorts of things breaking out that needed higher attention
than fashioning frippery.
Anyway, I am back.
I have made this lovely double fleur headpiece.
It's tulle, satin and organza.
Fluffed and frayed and formed to make two lovely roses in bloom.
I am smitten.
It will be available at The Hat Box, soon.
 Here's the inception.

 Anything can trigger my imagination.
I am not sorry I have kept this magazine for over a year.
Its quiet pink hues got me going.

 In other news Chanel is continuing to follow my instructions.
Too much is never enough, dear Karl.
 An abundance of flowers.
 Lace and tulle.
Big hats.
 Nothing not too love.
In you want any more things in your Inbox, you can subscribe to Chanel News
and see all sorts of lovely films of creating Chanel's textile magic.
 And, finally I have joined Facebook.
Flora Fascinata, thank you, very much.
A neat little Business page that is my online Visual Diary.
I found this lovely pastel artwork by Albert Breaute while idling my time.
Woman in an Interior.
A beautiful soul wrote this under the painting.
The Window to the Universe Opens Inward and Outward.
Look after yours.
Both inward and outwards.


  1. Did you do the pastel? If so, wowza.
    The fleurs are fabulous. x

    1. No, and I have now popped in the art work details...isn't it beautiful! It's a piece from 1800s (late, I think).
      I am happy with the double fleurs. :Dx

  2. How clever and how pretty .
    …. and, many thanks for your birthday wishes. They mean a lot. XXXX

  3. Dear Flora,
    we do love your creations! Your flowers are so beautiful! If we were on the same continent I would ask you to create a blue police light hat for me! (you know, I am the Guardian of the park!) You have so handsome ideas!

  4. Gorgeous FF.....Fleurs, bathtub, Chanel, sentiment!!!!!!! Your headpiece with that black ribbon Chanel creation....divine!!

    Thanks for the Chanel link....I'll sign up.



  5. know how I love pink, Flora! Just divine! Nic always looks divine in that delicate shade....I'm not surprised the cover was your inspiration. I hope the chalk face is being kind to you...Mimi xxx

  6. Hello my lovely...this is ever so gorgeous and reminding me of spring which I miss so much!! Love the dainty pinks and swirls of the fabrics...perfection as always!! I hope you have a glorious new week :) Xxx