Sunday, 8 February 2015

So in this Season...

 My lovely niece C has just held her own group Exhibition of visual Art:
Pineapples, Ganesh, skulls, tattoos, social media bits and pieces, computer game icons, owls and energy drinks
all got the nod.
Whatever was in this Season.

 She did a nice job talking to all the young things (and old things) in the crowd.
 I'd be lying if I didn't say I was proud.
 My other niece was a participant as well.
She's made some beautiful metal fleurs!
Made out of empty energy drink cans.
Here's her artist statement.

 She does this drawing too, called pyrography.
Carefully burning into wood.

 In situ, it made a grand impact.

 I've been maintaining the rage at the chalkface in the name of creativity.
I've warmed up the workers for Wearable Art.

 We made headpieces out of newspaper.

 I've held a in-class tea-party.
Prepped up and served in record time.

 Mimi, I used your mint green icing and chocolate cake inspiration.
A little shabby chic, but tasted great.

 What are you up to?
What's in Season for you, All?


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Helen. Your fashion blog is lovely. :D x

  2. I saw the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition in Melb yesterday.
    Your niece is super talented like you xxx

    1. I would have LOVED to have seen JPG!!!
      We are talented, yes, but we all have our limitations. You wouldn't want me near patients and working out medications....
      Lovely to hear from you! xx

  3. Tea parties!!!!!!!! Should be more of them. Marvellous my dear!

    Praps we need to organise a 'mad-hatters' tea party?



    1. Definitely, PRV!! Count me in!!!
      :D Madder the Better x

  4. Flora, is there no end to the Fascinata Family and their talents??? Stunning! The Owls What A Hoot, and the Red Bull Rose get my stamp of approval. As for you being inspired by my humble chocolate cake with mint icing...well I am flattered to say the least. Your participants at the chalk face are fortunate indeed to have an instructor whose talents extend to chocolate cake baking.

    1. Mimi, thank you. It was fun. The nieces love their Art. Xx

  5. What a creative bunch! Must be in the genes. Congratulations to your nieces- looks like they have bright futures ahead of them x

  6. Well your nieces are incredibly talented, it must surely run in the family :)) That is really wonderful, loved their art works!!And the tea party looked perfect, yum!! I hope you have a sweet week my dear Xx

  7. Creativity and talent runs in your family! What a wonderful thing for your nieces to have their exhibitions! :) Congratulations to them for their hard work!

    I wouldn't mind some of that yummy cake at your tea party too, looks delicious! :) Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.