Monday, 29 October 2012

You won't be recognised...

Why don't you...
Trick yourself up like this for Halloween.
Flora's frippery available.
Too subtle?
What about the green wood sprite, Flora's One-of-a-Kind.
Molded mint, beaded and sequin lace.
Why, you!
Little minx!
Looks like fun!
Do you trick or treat?
Here's the gates to Mitchell's Winery in the Clare Valley, South Australia.
Would you enter?
Don't get recognised!
Lest those wanton spirits will take your soul!

Sunday, 28 October 2012

S is for Snail

One of my latest blog discoveries is S for Snail.
It's full of snail related inspiration.
Quite fascinating, indeed.
The House of Flora's garden is indeed, full of these little gastropod mollusks.
And here's J, fashioning a statement piece, a bamboo sourced Flora-One-of-a-Kind.
And today, I chose to look closely to find some vacant shells.
I had to look as slowly as snail.
This post is a tribute to, S is for Snail.
And the whimsy that it is.
And, the magic of going slowly, and taking the-time-needed.
Who gets that chance?
Here's a lovely Flora-One-of-a-Kind
fashioned from the wonders of our 'backyard' as we say in the Antipodes.
Can you see S is for snail, in the foreground?
In a sequinned stocking.
Here's Flora's poupee modelling the piece.
In exciting news, I'm off to Sydney, in a while, to see Karl Lagerfeld's
Little Black Jacket,
a photographic Exhibition he shot on his Ipad
of an iconic Chanel jacket x 100
in a myriad of twists and turns.
Tell me if you get the chance to make like a snail?
I want to know how?

Colour and Movement

There's a fair bit of colour and movement coming up in the House of Flora.
We've got a cocktails and Tupperware party.
And Starr's Show entitled Paris Je t'aime!
November 9th at the Red Hill Gallery, Brisbane.
And, the Orchid Species Society Inc Show, @ Brisbane Botanical Gardens, Mt Coot-tha, November 3 and 4.
And Tricia Smout's Artist in Residency Exhibitions.
Here's a bit more colour and movement.
Beaded and dyed lace for Spring version of Hello Kitty!
 Some hand-dyed feathers, beads and trims.
Had time to go go for a walk around the garden, early today.
And contemplate. There's movement, afoot.
And it's fair to say, Mr Fascinata has squarely knocked himself out the
last few months.
It's even fit for al fresco dining.
Who'd have thought?
Remember, people, don't get lawn envy.
I've told you, it's our favourite synthetic polymer.
Smart lawn. The bamboo's smart too, makes its own garden mulch.
You've been told.
Brisbane's grey today. 
Windy, too.
Here's Starr's invitation.
Remember the shot Mr Fascinata snapped in Paris.
Participating in a bit of Flora's ongoing frippery?
Starr's here.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

It's a Wrap!

The House of Flora shoot went swimmingly.
Please be introduced to another House Model. lovely J.
No more chairs needed.

Not a poupee in sight!
J did the House proud.
Boots and all.
These lovely Floras are all available!
Kindly message me for details.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Good Week

It's been a good week. The chalkface ran smoothly.
Thanks to all involved.
The junior workers did an outstanding job with their mis-en-place
for their eenie weenie individual vegetable flans.
Sliced, diced and mirepoix'd.
To be honest, I was so chuffed I photographed it!
And believe me, the workers have no time for any extraneous frippery.
I had to work quickly to get this shot.
Our third generation family possum made an appearance, at the House of Flora.
If you've read me earlier, you'll know that I am quite partial to their furry souls.
Look, let's face it, they were here first.

My hydrangeas are blooming marvellous.
Thank goodness, I had the sense to conjure up a back up plan to surpass
the rose and orchid failure to make floral progress.
Lucky, I know.
Lovely L, a member of the chalkface
did as she was told and did a quick shoot for Flora.
Showcasing Hello Kitty.
L always exhibits a a beautiful 'do on a daily basis.
Thank you, L.
Here's Hello Kitty, on a poupee.
And, let's face it, no comparison to L's loveliness.
Looking forward to tomorrow, when this saddle-back timber chair
should be the site for an exciting Flora-One-of-a-Kind fashion shoot!
Enjoy your Saturday.
Let me know, if you'd like any of these lovely Floras for any
special events on your calendar.