Saturday, 6 October 2012

Rugged Terrain

I've started fashioning this lace frippery.
If you remember, it's from lovely G (from the Embroiderers' Guild) her gift to Flora.
From a while back.
To be honest, I more than love it.
It's quality, all right.
And, as Mr Fascinata said, 'No-one from the Guild is going to give you rubbish.'
I'm fashioning a sculpted cap, resplendent with a free form lace piece, for one.
Here they are in progress.
On a down side, I had to out-source the house-keeping again.
Thank goodness for my niece's no-nonsense approach to the
rugged terrain we had to cover together.
Here's the top of her head, above the steam mop.
Talk about things piling up, doonas-out-of-cases,
copious dust-balls and a rear deck, (tomorrow's Tupperware Party's venue) that
hadn't seen any cleaning action since May 2012.
Here's it is looking almost civil.
Never too busy to arrange feathers, though.
Will have to get this Flora-fied batch on the house model. Busy.
Had the opportunity to see Australia's indigenous dance company Bangarra last night.
Coincidentally, the ballet was called Terrain.
Here's my other niece, E.L modelling an organic and re-purposed lace Flora-One-of-a-Kind.
I wonder, has she started driving heavy machinery in a mine, yet?
People, I kid you not, this where she's heading. I love her.
Last night, Bangarra's piece was about the timeless wonder and the spiritual resonance of Lake Eyre.
The Lake Eyre Basin is a very important part of Australia.
It covers one-sixth of the continent and holds some of the rarest, least-exploited eco-systems
on the planet.
I read somewhere that the dance company actually went out to stay in the tiny town of Marree,
685 km north of Adelaide
in South Australia.
There's a government proposal getting around at the moment to rename (or reinstate!) Lake Eyre
(named after a European explorer, of course)
to Kati Thanda.
Where earth meets the sky.
I hope Bangarra's work supports this cause to acknowledge Lake Eyre
as the cradle of much Indigenous and non-Indigenous culture and history.
 Honestly, is anyone else bananas for Anna Dello Russo's range for H&M?
Don't forget, too, Roberto Cavalli's selling maxi's in Target at the end of October!
I'll have to go mysteriously absent from the chalkface around 8.30am for 15 minutes or so!
Important off-campus meeting.


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