Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Got the Better of Me

To be honest, these orchids have got the better of me.
Here they are in better days, complete with the fake frippery.
I've decided that when I volunteer at the Mt Coot-tha Orchid Species Society Show:
November 3 and 4,
I'll surrender the carcasses.
Malnourished and wretched.
Shells of their former glory.
Back to good hands.
Someone they can trust.
I need a break.
And to be honest, the succulent garden looks like it might be heading the same way, too.
It's failing to make progress.
Thank goodness I've got other Floras to look forward to.
Looking forward too, to the next instalment of Tim Burton's frippery.
Released in Australia, on October 5th.
I love how I read in one of his books that his chalkface teacher wrote in his visual diary, back in his day.
Fair attempt, Tim.
Do these two remind you of anyone you know?
I've collected a few Floras together that remind me of Tim's work...
because I love him.
I love the way he says he was a misfit who grew up in sunny California, always wearing black and
not really liking the sun. Sounds familiar. My formative years were spent on the coast.
And, you know, I never could get it right.
Hooray for misfits!
My good sport friend, S.
This my niece, E.L.
And here's the entrance of Mitchell's Winery in the Clare Valley.
Let your imagination run wild.
Mine did.
In time too, for Halloween!
Might go trick a treating, with this in my hair.
These on my hooves.
And this frock on.
It's good as an artist to always remember to see things in a new, weird way. Tim Burton

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