Sunday, 14 October 2012

In the Pink

Here's a pink hued Flora inspiration.
It'd be a lovely look for the Races.
It's lady-like.
And could show Valentino a thing or two.
Just sayin'.
With plenty-o-change in your pocket.
Corsage or hair piece. Come what may.
Insitu with the most exquisite beaded number, courtesy of Mr Fascinata.
From Australian label George Gross and Harry Who.
He has good taste. Thankfully.
Here's another.
A little cocktail style hat.
Speaking of cocktails, that Tupperware contagion's still doing the rounds.
This time it's morphed into a cocktail party.
A refreshingly original concept.
I love peoples who are good sports.
Don't mind if I do.
Good on you, Starr.
See you at your 'do.
Might wear the George Gross and Harry Who frock.
Hope your weekend was fruitful, soothing and relaxing.
Mine was.
The Louise Gray sequin was a hit last night.
Didn't do the statement necklace but then was disappointed when I read a French lovely urging
us to wear a statement necklace here and now.
Hope I haven't missed the boat!

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