Sunday, 7 October 2012


The Tupperware party was a huge success. Thank you for asking.
Luckily Mr Fascinata had the good sense to buy a bottle of gin
and sit down stairs and watch the V8 Motor Racing.
Everyone was a good sport and turned up when they should.
And participated.
Here's my friend L, preparing the Tim-Tam Cake, as discussed below.
Mind you, I had a lot do beforehand.
It's an effort to have people over, even when you don't make an effort.
I had to relocate all sorts of stuff left lying around the House of Flora.
Whip up some batches of these:
The day's proceedings included a demonstration of a Tim Tam cake, using Tupperware utensils.
Yes, chocolate coated biscuits, crumbled into a chocolate pudding mix and a cake batter.
Served with ice-cream.
Yes people, I can hear the outcries.
Isn't the stock, lovely?
My party theme was 'pic-nic ware' and Tim-Tam cake.
There are so many beautiful jewel colours in the latest range.
A part from the obvious fun of the Tupperware party, I was also gifted a tassel,
by L, Queen of the Tassel.
Honestly, I couldn't believe it.
Yes, handcrafted, twisted yarns, formed pom-poms, adorned with lurex.
Here it is, pride of place.
Against shabby chic, circa 1998.
Thank you, L, I love it.


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