Thursday, 4 October 2012

Beautiful Ballet: One Click Away

This year Queensland Ballet has had a change in artistic direction
the wonderful Francois Klaus has made way for
the internationally acclaimed dancer and author Li Cunxin!
Yes devotees, Mao's Last Dancer.
Personally, I can't get over it.
Li was living in Melbourne and has made his way up to sunny Queensland.
This 2013 season has the likes of this
getting around on stage: Cinderella, Giselle, Elegance, The Nutcracker and the opportunity
 to have lunch with Li!
I'll have to think like Oscar Wilde, and purchase a season ticket
and with the rest of my money, just waste it.
Isn't QB looking lovely?
One click and the season ticket's yours.
Might have to line up all those outfits, whose wardrobe or purchase rationale includes:
I'll wear it to the theatre or ballet....
The lace Wheels and Doll Baby, an Australian label, based in Perth, Western Australia.
One click away on mail order.
Untangle a few accouterments, too.
If I wasn't so sure about what hard work it is, and in-another-life I'd trot
out some costumes for the Ballet.
Already have the finishing touches.
With these Flora-One-of-a-Kinds, that
I could call back from their new homes.
What's your reality, today?
Mine's coming back at great speed.
Term break almost over.
Lots of this still to do:
Better get cracking. Don't want it hanging-over-my-head.
No more of this, either.
Three hour coffees. Really.
One a positive note, I have the Tupperware party to look forward to.
It was touch and go for a moment, lots of good folk are otherwise engaged.
Numbers were limited, but have narrowly come good.
Looking forward to the pantry make-over
and restocking this depletion.

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