Saturday, 13 October 2012

Excellent Progress.

I've made some good progress this weekend.
I've arranged another retail outlet for Flora's One-of-a-Kinds.
Details soon, for Brisbane lovelies, and contact me via email if there's
any wonders that you see that might compliment your tonsure in the meantime.
Fashioned up this red and black flocked taffeta.
A nod to those Flamenco dancers I saw in Barcelona.
What lovely drama.
Completed this mint green sequin headpiece.
With brightly coloured stamens.
Arranged my next piece of full-scale frippery.
I also think I have arranged another House-Model.
No more foam poupees!
I made lemon butter.
In between housework.
And it is excellent. I recommend if you up for the challenge making a batch of Macarons and with the yolks
conjure up the butter. Lemon juice, castor sugar, water and gently heat + egg yolks. Little bit of vanilla.
Maybe a salt flake or two to release the flavour molecules even more.
Arranged an outfit to wear to dinner tonight.
Yes, it's Louise Gray's sequin jacket!
All good, I'm not doing sequin on sequin.
Jeans will be the marriage.
Just for display purposes.
Luckily and fiscally, I am gainfully employed.
Prepared another Eat a Rainbow for junior workers presentation for Monday.
Sent a thankyou email to for complimenting the House of Flora's
artificial turf smoke and mirrors.
Don't panic, we've got all sorts of plants out there chewing up the greenhouse gases
to make up for it.
While I am grateful for the attention, an email from Stephen Jones or in fact, Akira Isogawa
would be better received.
I am also grateful for the freedom to do whatever I want,
whenever I want.
Wishing you Malala, the speediest recovery.
Our hearts are sad.


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