Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Not for Shy Retiring Types

Here's some Flora-One-of-a-Kinds that will top off your Race day outfit.
Had to resort to drawing a model.
Or the foam, flocked poupee.
Silver lurex and white lace.
This one's like a magic garden of feathers and beads.
Took a minute to look at our own magic garden today at 5.10am. Sunrise.
Goddess light on the way to Boot Camp.
Zhu zhu'd up from plants, begged, borrow or not stolen.
Like these mother-in-law tongues...
Thinned out, up the way, left near someone's mailbox
with a sign, 'Please take.'
How thoughtful.
Here's a ratty broken old candelabra Mr Fascinata had it in for.
But now it functions in the garden. A purpose.
Thank goodness for creative goodness.
There's lots to look forward to, a shoot with a real model on Saturday.
An appointment to see the Flora-One-of-a-Kinds housed in a posh boutique across the way
and the Mt Coot-tha Orchid Species Society Show!
November 3 and 4th.
Get in your diary.
And, get in early.
Might take a few Floras along for the fun.

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