Thursday, 29 November 2012

Lovely Corsages for Best Dressed

These lovely corsages are pure confection.
Carefully crafted from tulle and organza.
Fluffed, frayed and formed.
Floaty frippery.
Would nicely zhu-zhu up your party frock.
Whip a Flora-One-of-a-Kind out of the desk drawer.

Best dressed.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

In the Wars

To be honest, I'd be lying if I didn't say I've been in the wars.
Including complications from a dental procedure that have stopped me from doing the likes of this, as above.
I've been in lunging and squat absentia for weeks.
The blog's eighty-seven-year old mascot's demonstrating a hoarse cough.
I've got a mountain of this to do, again.

With no allowances for any frippery on a very tight timeline.
And to make it worse, blogger still won't let me upload any new photographic nonsense.
So, I can't finish telling you about the Guild's Craft Fair.
Here's some lovelies from days gone by, from giftstore Linen and Lace at Cleveland (above) and A's lovely cottage garden needle cases (below).
I'll just have to get cracking, without any distractions.
No time for artful arrangements.
Or Flora production.
It's bread and butter time.
 How are you going with your end of year timelines?

Monday, 26 November 2012

The Guild's Lovely Christmas Craft Fair

These name tags are a lot more exciting than the one I was issued at the chalkface.
If only.
They were just some of the creative wonders for sale at the Guild's Fair on Sunday.
Sorry, I've omitted the designers' details, but if you are interested in one, let me know.
But on the upside, we had a great time at the Guild's Fair.
Can't wait to share the news!
But for now blogger's photographic frippery is testing.
Blogger's giving me the pip and telling me which photos it wants to upload.....
So, this post might not be up-to-scratch.
Not my usual witty repartee.
But, I'll show gratitude for what I've been allowed.
Had a lovely time showcasing the Floras.
Here's some corsages. 
Meet up with I, who is a devotee of Flora's Frippery.
She made the woollen bunny I bought for the gift drawer a while back.
She also sported the most beautifully crafted flower embellished bag to carry home the bounty in.
And thank goodness, I had my niece K, in tow.
The crowd was constant, and people did as they were told,
they got in early, as advised.
How stunning are these two, Rambling Roses?
The Guild's Patron Ms Penelope Wensley made a lovely appearance.
Ms Wensley is the Governor of Queensland.
She was very generous with her time.
Here's her transport mode, conveniently parked.
Here's G's beaded and hand painted porcelain dolls.
They are nothing short of exquisite.
I want one.
Contact me, if you do!
My niece doodled up this brown paper bag with her own quote about
I saw Mabel McAlister's book clutched under a few arms.
What a unique artisan she was.
I promise to tell you more about Mabel soon. She did lots of really unique subject matter
and ofter embraced the fashion and current decorating trends in her work.
She was quite revolutionary in her approaches.
  More lovely roses!
Talk about making-an-effort.
 How's your Christmas hunting going?
Have you started?
Should've gone to the Fair. You'd cover it.
More time for pre-Christmas frippery....
And, we are off to here, Montrachet tomorrow night!
Can't wait. It's been a while.
Lucky, I know.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Technical Issssues....

Experiencing technical issues with blogger.
Have dehoardered all the unnecessary photographic frippery with Picasa
and blogger uploads still won't talk to me.
Back to normal transmission soon.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Craft Celebration!

See you at the Embroiderers' Guild Craft Fair,
this Sunday from 8am until 12 noon.
149 Brunswick Street
Fortitude Valley
Hand made by a Guild Member.
Linen, buttonhole stitch lace and beads.
And Flora's lovelies, too.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Step Inside

How lucky, to have a room of one's own?
Filled with the flotsam and jetsam,
and 'creative's' detritus, even.
Here's Flora's Atelier.
Reflecting the aftermath of frenzy of flora'ing.
In between these stormy clouds, over our weekend.
The studio dyed, sculpted and formed lots of
Lace and feathers get a new colour.
Saw these colours in the sky.
Dyed tulle, over-size roses.
The rain's freshened up the garden.
This normally conservative Yucca, has knocked itself out and produced this astonishment!
Do you ever feel like this after a storm?
Seeing God?
Funny, I pulled this card out of my Gita Boxed Set of Inspiration, just after
Mr Fascinata yelled out to me about the Yucca's magic.
Here's more magic, as below.
And, if you ran around like a nit-wit trying to source something wonderful, price-friendly and unique
for the past racing season or any event, now's the time to
turn to a Flora-One-of-a-Kind.
What's not to love?
These hair feather adornments are beautiful, too.
Don't think I've got any time for frippery in the coming week.
No-sir, I'll be working like mad for the Guild's Fair.
This Sunday, 25 November, 8am. Come for it all, not just Flora!
It really is a wonderful way to buy the most exquisite gifts.
Head down, till then.