Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Talking Nature

Don't go looking for these beauties on Mt Coot-tha's Botanic Gardens this weekend.
They've bumped out, back in to their hot-houses.
Back to molly-coddling, after hundreds of adoring visitors.
Here's one of them, as below.
There's lots more going on between November 6 and 14th!
You're mad if you don't get up the Mountain.
It's quite nice.
Some lily ponds.
A bit of a nod to Monet's Garden. If you are so inclined.
Whip up some Scotch eggs and gourmet sandwiches.
A cheap day out.
Tricia's lovely one-year artist-in-residency is culminating in
all sorts of installations:
Flowers of Friendship
Arachnid Artistry
Swishy Swathes
A-I-R Mail...
and more...
Find the Richard Randall Art Studio, not far from the main entrance.
Here's some creepy and creative and about..
Say hello in Tricia's language, there's all sorts of thing to say.

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