Monday, 5 November 2012

Don't Think

Don't think that for one minute this'll be my dress code tomorrow.
For Australia's biggest day on the Racing Calendar.
The Melbourne Cup.

Mr Fascinata will be out, though. Making it up for everyone
who's not.

I'll be quietly beetling away at the chalkface.
Not looking at the likes of any of this.
Don't think that I abstained from purchasing orchids from the Society.
Today, I played around with my new orchids
temporarily in loco-parentis, then handed over
to those who can look after them. Properly.
This one's in one of Stephen Morris' hand-blown glass bowls
I had it for a million years, and I bought it when I could only afford to eat noodles
I've always enjoyed a sense of priority.
This one's showing off, in front of a little abstract painting by Starr.
Don't forget her Show's on!
And a red rose. Starr's again.
I've updated the House of Flora festive frock.
Here's a glimpse of the fabric. To be honest, I love it.
Here's another orchid story with an awkward ending.
I ended up having to do a rather over-compensatory still-life.
Nature morte. An urgent improvisation with Mr Fascinata's home-grown heirloom tomatoes.
Because I decapitated the bloom trying to remove the care tag.
Oh dear.
Thankfully, I still have these to cheer me on.
And my fading yellow rose.


  1. Oh feathery delights always catch my eye, sequins I can take or leave, usually leave but frou frou feathers are just hypnotic to me.

    My chook was supposed to be blackened, laughing about the mud comment.

    1. Thank you for taking the honest feedback so well, after I wrote it I worried I might be not well-received. Thrilled to see you noted the feathered frippery! It is lovely. X