Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Step Inside

How lucky, to have a room of one's own?
Filled with the flotsam and jetsam,
and 'creative's' detritus, even.
Here's Flora's Atelier.
Reflecting the aftermath of frenzy of flora'ing.
In between these stormy clouds, over our weekend.
The studio dyed, sculpted and formed lots of
Lace and feathers get a new colour.
Saw these colours in the sky.
Dyed tulle, over-size roses.
The rain's freshened up the garden.
This normally conservative Yucca, has knocked itself out and produced this astonishment!
Do you ever feel like this after a storm?
Seeing God?
Funny, I pulled this card out of my Gita Boxed Set of Inspiration, just after
Mr Fascinata yelled out to me about the Yucca's magic.
Here's more magic, as below.
And, if you ran around like a nit-wit trying to source something wonderful, price-friendly and unique
for the past racing season or any event, now's the time to
turn to a Flora-One-of-a-Kind.
What's not to love?
These hair feather adornments are beautiful, too.
Don't think I've got any time for frippery in the coming week.
No-sir, I'll be working like mad for the Guild's Fair.
This Sunday, 25 November, 8am. Come for it all, not just Flora!
It really is a wonderful way to buy the most exquisite gifts.
Head down, till then.

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