Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Weekend + Incoming Correspondence + Guild Wrap-Up

 It's been a busy last few days.
I had attendance at my old school friend C's daughter's 21st.
And at the Embroiderers' Guild Craft Fair all in 24 hours.
I know.
I must confess at this point; I have been a disappointing nonsense with
Auslan learning. I must get stuck into it.
 C's lovely mother brought over all bits of crystal
and old lace linen cloths for the table for a maximalist approach.
 C instructed me to throw down some After-Dinner-Mints, so I did.
The birthday cake was Mexican vegan chocolate mud.
It contained coconut flower nectar, coconut flour, cayenne pepper (?)
cinnamon, apple puree, gluten free flour, cocoa powder and coconut oil.
It was off-set with double cream and a coconut flour and cocoa icing with flaked almonds.
Don't worry.

 C loves her feature bamboo and even confesses to polishing the canes
with a light spray of cooking oil. Nutty.
You can see them hear through her kitchen window.
 Her home is minimalist and anything not required to
be seen on a regular basis is put away.
Or taken to a thrift store.
Or thrown out.
She has willpower.
These old lovelies have made the cut, though.
They were her Grannie's.


 The Craft Fair went off well, thank you for asking.
I snapped these photos, but that's about it.

 I'd be lying if I didn't say I love the Guild.
They always support a worthy cause, too.
Some proceeds went to She Rescue Home from one of the stalls.
This organisation aids young women and girls who are victims of sexual abuse and enslavery.
And, where else will a complete but elegant elderly stranger come
up to you and say, 'Coco Chanel would have loved you'.
With compliments.
The Guild are my tribe.
I wore this grey lurex knit and Flora already made flower.
If you are worried I have lost an arm since you last
saw me, I haven't. That knit's on a House of Flora house mannequin
in Flora's boudoir.
Unfortunately I had to show a bit of fiscal restraint.
 I still have things in cello-wrap from last year.
And I am saving up for Paris, later in the year.
 I received exciting incoming correspondence from The Hat Box.
What an invite.
Would you like to go? Let me know.
I'm chuffed.
How's your rainbow intake going?
Looking like this?
Tonight's dinner.
Nasi Goreng derived. But, not with rice.
Those wheat noodles already cooked, soak in hot water.
Brown chicken in soy-sauce and garlic.
Or tofu, if that offends.
Cook egg. Caramelise a Nasi Goreng sauce mix from a packet with
a good oil like Bran oil that can hold a bit of heat.
If you're using Olive oil, you really shouldn't be for heating.

 Throw in a few chillies to taste.
These are Mr Fascinata's doing.
They are huge and the hottest chillies in the world.
 Stay cautious, everyone.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Crack of Dawn

 I was up at the crack of dawn today to action the tags on
the House of Flora's corsage frippery.
For the Guild's Mother's Day Craft Fair.
Sunday 8am - 12 noon.
149 Brunswick Street
Fortitude Valley.
Don't wear high heels, you'll have to walk a bit from your carpark.
It's busy.
And, get in early.
 Lovely light.

 I'm focussing on fleurs.
With just a few headpieces.

 Drop by if you are out and about.


Thursday, 25 April 2013

Not all Glamour

 If you're of the opinion the House of Flora is always like this:
 You'd be wrong.

This week's been busy.
But, I've still had time to frock-up with Flora frippery.
In one of my Eco-caftans, every skerrick of fabric is used in the making of
this said mu-mu.
Fold in half, sew-up the sides.
Cut a whole out for a neckline.
Make that bit into a corsage.
This week, I've experienced glamour photos of the chalkface's kitchen utensils.
To make the bits and pieces easier to identify for the junior workers.
When there's fifty hands rifling through a drawer.
Not for the faint-hearted, that class.

If you squint you can see our Teacher-Aide in the soup and teaspoon!
I'm doing a shout-out for the excellence.
I honestly don't know what I'd do without her.

 I set myself a challenge to wear a Flora corsage each day.
This one's nice, it's blue-hued soft mesh.
On my wrist is my Loveseeds bracelet.
Pink quartz, silver and coral.
Made by one of my oldest friends, from my own chalkface.
Lucky, I know.
Here's two more Loveseeds.
Moonstone and Onyx.
Silver beads and charms sourced from the Karen Tribe on the Burma and Thai Border.
 With a complimenting costume Flora on the right.
 Loveseeds gives you research in the beads' origins and they are Fairtrade.
A kind of slow-jewellery movement, too.
Mine reminds me to s-l-o-w d-o-w-n.
Let me know if you want one.
You can pick the semi-precious stones.

Mr Fascinata had a Birthday.
This year's cake reflected protion-control with real blue-berries.

 Not quite like last year's.
Get excited it's nearly the weekend!

And don't forget the Embroiderers' Guild Mothers' Day Craft Fair this Sunday.