Monday, 1 April 2013

All out on Cat's Claws

 To be honest, all I can think about at the moment is Cat's Claw.
The vine we used at Northey Street to make our baskets.
My first effort of partial completion is now undone
and I've taken time to think more and use a few bits of weavable intrigue
I had lying around the House of Flora.
Like this silk sequined stripped Easton Pearson trim, I bought as a handful
of spaghetti at their remnant sale, a while back.
Don't worry, I still suffered for my art; had to sew the strip on to
the banana fibre first.

 I was up early today, in search of more Cat's Claw.

Back down to Northey Street, via Downey Park.
Coming for a walk with me?

 Gave the circuit work stations a miss, though.

 Spied the Claw.
Did those mangroves a favour and set them free.

 Headed to Bowen Bridge Heritage Walk.
Caught up with the Turrbal people, and the past.

The Turrbal people shared some stories, I said, 'Thank you'and I heard them
whisper, 'You are welcome.'


 There's the Turrbal people's totem, the freshwater eel, curled.

 Crossed the bridge to Northey Street.

 Spreading their message.

 Here's one of the for rent garden beds.
 Isn't it lovely?

 Remember to wear your hat.

 I'm off to weave.

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