Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sweet Thing

 I've been all out making corsages.
Silk, taffeta,  tulle and lace.
In pistachio, mint, lemon, rose, blueberry and coffee.

 Are you hungry?
Found these in the local Woolworths!
On sale!
Never mind trying to make them; that's the devil's work.
I don't care what you say.

 Keep sweet. What's for dinner?


  1. I love how lacy they are! They make me want to have a tea party in a rose garden!

  2. So clever Flora!!!! Love it and love the confections! I have bought the Woolies macarons and they are actually very nice! Much better than mine!

  3. Love the corsages! The colors are so pretty! I love the box the macarons are in :D HaHa

  4. These are all gorgeous doll!! Love the macaroons too & the inspiration from them!! Such beautiful creations!! Ahhh...we are the same, I create something only to keep messing with it too, haha!! I don't mind, you do as you feel ;) he weather is still deciding what to do here & I've been stuck with rain, can't wait for sunshine & flowers :))) You have a wonderful week doll xxxx