Saturday, 20 April 2013

Crafting the Day

 It's been a busy day or so.
Rewarding with time spent in the studio.
 The milliner's dog won't leave me alone.

  These lovely Flora corsages will be at the Mothers Day Craft Fair.
The Embroiderers Guild.
Sunday 28th April.
 That one in the middle's made from an old cotton lace tablecloth.
Make do and mend.

Worked on a love heart made from two feathers.

 And imagined getting around to extracting dye from
Ok-Ja Choi's indigo leaves and saffron stamens.
With a couple of breaks for domestic duties.
 Hanging out the clothes fixates the Dog of the Year.
Wish I was as enthralled.
 A tennis ball works a treat, too.
 Here's one of the few photos of last night's dinner party.
Chocolate cake before landing ungainly on a plate, icing slathered and blobbed with ice-cream
How-on-earth do people find the time to photograph food when they are socialising?
 And this late night landscape.
 The limes before the addition of deep fried won-ton wrapped prawns, scallops and corn fritters.
I barely had time to zhu zhu up the House of Flora.
Wabi sabi paint chip on the boookshelf.

Keep fixated.


  1. precious dog!! And love that cake :)))) Enjoy the weekend doll xx

    1. Made the mistake about 3 weeks go of feeding him a toast corner. He now won't leave me alone. He actually used to just sleep somewhere all day, now springs up to see what I am doing! Mmmm, remind you of children? You can tell I don't have any! Xx

  2. so so lovely

  3. Ohhhh if I could have a piece of that cake, fried won ton prawns and ooh la la that poodle lamp! I would be a happy girl! HaHaHa

  4. I love that lamp, they are available in quite a few stores. Get one! Dinner party was a lot of work! Best thing too, that there's usually leftover bits and pieces for the next day, when you are feeling lazy! Xx