Thursday, 18 April 2013

Red, Lovely

 I spent the best part of this evening shucking corn and wrestling with a
non-functioning steam-mop.
Trying to get the house of Flora entertainment ready for tomorrow night's dinner.
The corn's mixed with ginger for little fritters.
Among other things.
I did the Math too late, and only realised that when I went to work tomorrow
the guests would be at the ready.
No time to zhu-zhu between then and now.
Luckily I had the nous to fashion these one of a kind red silk Flora corsages, last night.
Here's the remnants.

 Ready for a little dye and fabric sizer.

 Shaped, trimmed, petals curled.
Stamens attached.
Bit of veil attached.

 I like red.
Enjoy these other red moments.
Sorry, there's no text.
That steam-mop has got the better of me.
I'm burnt out.



And a monochromatic ring in.





  1. Everything looks wonderful!! I hope it's a marvellous time for you xx

  2. i hope you have a fabulous dinner party! oh gosh, i had one those kind of mops and ended up throwing it away. hahaha it definitely got the best of me and ruined the finish on my flooring. lol yes, my post WAS an ode to you! hahahaha love that red flower. have a great weekend!