Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Nothing to Report

 I had to hot-foot home from the Chalkface today under the threat of rain.
Luckily, the storm didn't amount to too much.
 There's not much to report; I've taken to talking about the weather.
 I'm back at the Chalkface.
And reminiscing about the past.
 Fashioning frippery.
On holidays.
Getting up early and going back to bed.

 Making One-of-a-Kind Floras for the Guild's lovely craft fair.
Two floors of gifts.
Get in early.

 Frocking up for the last lunch that lasts three hours.
Having time to notice things.

 Said, 'Hello' to the bamboo.
 Finally, I've got buds on my two year old camellia!
I'll be guarding these.
 I'm recalling the holiday's frippery.
 Quality time spent.
Work-shopping Mister Finch.
 Eating cakes.
 Popping the cork.
 Had a lovely Easter.
That Lindt bunny's long gone.
 The Dog-the-Year is missing the attention.
 I'm reliving basket weaving.
Weva Deva's magic
at Northey Street Community markets.

 Collecting cat's creeper.
Slicing banana trunk.
Didn't really want to tell you that my basket
has failed to make progress.
Better get it finished.
Stay perky.



  1. Nice pics!!

    would u like to follow each other?
    let me know!


  2. HaHaHa! Love these little whims of thoughts. How cute is Mr Finch! Adorable! All of my Easter candy is gone too. Love your jacket and that flower. I admire you...basket weaving. So cool!

    1. Honestly the basket weaving was fantastic. The only trouble is I'm back at work and haven't finished it! I jumped the gun with the jacket for lunch, it got too hot still and I had to peel it off before I walked out the door. Mister Finch's work has soul doesn't it? Dainty put me on to him and I thank her for it! Xx

  3. What a lovely post! :) I spotted Lindt and now I'm craving chocolate!!